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Monday, 9 May 2016

3C's from Development or 3R's for Environment

It's being said that the world has been evolving since its origin and is termed as "evolution", the feature of the uncivilized poor creatures. Isn't it inferior to apply this word to the superior human? Yes. That's why a new and powerful word has been invented -  "development", the most pleasing and popular word  of the era. The only word which enlivens the spirit of every human being cutting across age, gender, caste, creed, organization, profession and status is development. There's hardly any  field or person who's ignorant or oblivious of this word development. All our revolutions, politics, legislations, plans, budgets, economies, innovations and inventions revolve around this word only. 

We can call it the nuclear centre of the modern world. Even medications of doctors and prayers of devotees are not out of the orbits of this word!  "Many diseases need to develop the medical field" and "many a number of rich devotees to enrich religious organizations" have become mottos for a few! Everywhere it seems prosperity. Only some saddists might be against this. How long we have to worry about humanity, that's there for centuries!  Create novelty. Even though it's meaningless. That's what development means -the word of eagerness, enthusiasm, energy and optimism.

On the contrary there is another strange word that tries to slow down the pace of development called "environment".  Even the personnel and heads of the environmental department are afraid of this word. Some consider this word as the word of pessimists. Why do so .... ? Because it suggests 3R's. 3R's are nothing but Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The first word REDUCE is the deadliest of all - the ferocious enemy to threaten the rapid growth and development of the modern world.

The word REDUCE suggests reduction in the procees of deforestation, mining, refining,  fabrication, manufacturing,  production,  transport,  distribution and ultimately destruction and pollution. It suggests to shorten or remove the links in the elaborate chain of growth and development. Could any optimist bear this to happen? Certainly, couldn't. Even an illiterate person can't tolerate this. Let the doomsday happen or the hell come down, there shouldn't be even a slightest jolt to delink the stages in the process of our pet development. Otherwise the consequences will be dire and many reductions may happen. 

Money value comes down and stock markets collapse if there will be reduction in the size of well furnished buildings, length of roads, number of posh vehicles, number of clubs or pubs and quantum of enjoyment or entertainment. Further some great lives may crash down to the status of a common man, totally dry and monotonous. No question of extravaganza, luxuries and class differences in the society - haves and have nots,  class and mass, posh and poor will be no more. What's the meaning of living a life then? That's why only a few want that REDUCE. If anybody wants let the remaining two words REUSE and RECYCLE be adopted. Definitely these two things are suitable for the teaming millions of common and poor people. Reuse the things discarded by the haves and recycle the things desperately left by the have nots.

Instead you see 3C's. How beautiful and appealing these three letters to our eyes! Constructions,  Contracts and Commissions - the three basics for mega development. Whether it's an individual or a nation that can't develop without these 3C's. Mind it! Increase constructions; so don't bother about destructions. Construct as many buildings and roads as possible. People call you the architect of the nation. The well wisher of the people. The messiah. The saviour.  And so on. Popularity, vote bank and money thrive there forever for you. How could anyone expect major contracts and Commissions without construction activities? How could anyone expect vigorous minting, lavish spending and secretive savings of money without contracts and commissions? So go ahead. Won't  we all agree? Yes, we do our boss! The human world is so much mentally prepared by the preachers of development that the word environment looks old and shabby.

Still one more point disturbs everyone's mind. When we are endowed with so many furnishings and luxuries then whycan't we live a peaceful,  disease- and tension-free living? Have we missed anything else? ........ Many more answerable questions reverberate in the minds of the intellectuals. Many more choises flash before their eyes. Does this biological creature need natural breeze or air conditioned synthetic enclosures? Cool grass-cladded soil or glossy floorings? Colourful flowers or confusing paintings? Shade of trees or radiating concrete slabs? Chirpings of birds or deafening musical sounds?  Company of affectionate animals or inanimate vehicles? Dark starry nights or blinding lights? Anyhow the modern wise man has many choices to choose out of either 3C's or 3R's.