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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Paintboxes to Colour Nature

Mother nature is always there to display its technicolor to lull its beloved creatures. It's always eager in spanning its vividly eye-catching wings wide enough to take the life forms into its arms. It's manifested when it starts transforming its lush green summer colours into  colourful autumn foliage full of reds, golden yellows and brown.

Is there any world in the entire universe which is more colourful and attractive than the planet earth? Are there any mega smoky factories to supply harmful paints to colour this planet earth? Is there any tourism department to paint foliage and flowers to make the landscape beautiful? Is there any great architect destined to plan and design varied patterns of colours in the natural scapes? If any little inquisitive kid ask us these questions, then what would be our answer? As elders we simply laugh and say, "No, dear, that's by nature itsef."

If it were needed to colour all nature 
and plants in the world, one can guess how many petroleum rigs, petrochemical refineries and paint factories would be required and how much air and water bodies would have to be spoilt, is beyond anybody's calculation. But the nature isn't so foolish. It generates so many colours and their  mixtures without releasing any harmful fumes into air and effluents into water to endanger the lives of fishes, birds and other animals. The nature produces everything with an intention of doing benefit to its entire living community unlike that of the human kind who wants to show his talent with the sole aim of gaining falseprestige and business profits irrespective of the damage caused to the nature through obnoxious chemicals.

The natural wonder with concentric rainbow colours around the Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic hot spring is a reflection of a myriad of pigments in different microscopic cules. The beauty of watermelon snow, pink snow, red snow, or blood snow over the alpine and coastal polar regions during summer is  nothing but the hues of astaxanthin pigment exhibited by an alga called Chlamydomonas nivalis. The Red Sea get its shade due to an another alga called Trichodesmium erythraeum.The most beautiful river in the world “the river of five colours” in Colorado get its vibrant colours due to red plants called  Macarenia clavigera, the yellow and green sand, the blue water and all the shades in between. Even the hot chillies exhibit green, yellow and red shades as they pass through unripened to ripened stages.

Every plant, tiny or mighty, has billions of tiny paint factories, hidden deep in their bodies, to produce myriad of colours and their mixtures. These factories are called plastids. Some describe them as microscopic paintboxes too. But majority of these paintboxes are green and are called chloroplasts. Green paintboxes produce green pigments called chlorophylls. A chlorophyll is a tiny molecular solar cell that traps sunlight to produce food not only for its own plant body but also for the guest animals which depend on it. Obligations won't stop here, but increase further to raise a green canvas spacious enough to be splashed with ever changing  interesting patterns according to the days and seasons. Same thing is with respect to animals and their body complexion. No any fixed monotonous pattern to disgust its frequent visitors like insects,birds and other animals. That's how the nature is creative and interesting!

By the way the microscopic paintboxes that produce pigments of different colours are called chromoplasts. Each paintbox is filled with a colourful pigment or a mixture of different pigments. But in the case of flowers microscopic paint sachets containing anthocyanins are available which are called vacuoles. Even a mega paint company fail to present a catalogue with such a huge range of hues and shades. And no one architect or a painter dare to create the  aura of colours and their mixtures as so we visualize in the natural world. The colourful pigments are always there beside the green pigments either to protect green pigments or to radiate an additional quanta of light particles to enhance their food manufacturing capacity. In addition to providing a beautiful look to the landscape they lure a number of pollinators to come, pollinate, fertilize and produce seeds and fruits.

Red, orange and yellow colours of carotenoids; blue, purple or burgundy colours of anthocyanins; and red and yellow shades of betalins are always available without a no stock board! While carotenoids paint carrots, papayas and yellow flowers;  betalins colour beetroots; apocarotenoids  paintoranges; and anthocyanins paint red, pink, purple, violet and blue flowers and apples.

But the pigments synthesised in plants are not pollutants in contrast to those manufactured in paint factories.  Plant pigments are multipurpose in the sense that they are not only aesthetic with everchanging patterns but also synthetic in producing oxygen, food, medicines, fruits and vegetables unlike that of artificial paints which give fixed monotonous aesthetic sense along with suffocating gases and carcinogenic effluents. 

If it's so then where's the need for importing barrels of petroleum, petrochemicals and paints. Is it must to choke the breathing systems of workers in factories and on high walls of buildingsto create the fake and fading complicated designs? Can't we habituate  ourselves to live in smaller houses surrounded by bigger colourful gardens all around? Why shouldn't we enjoy the colours in the perpetual ever-changing garden rather on the ever fading saddened walls? A twist is urgently needed to be given to the never quenching economic greed an ever charming philanthropic lead!

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Why Do Plants Apply Scents in the Night?

There's a saying that days look beautiful in sunlight and nights in moonlight. As the sun starts sinking down a number of plants start rising up to wish the moon by holding the boquets of bright flowers, mimicking the twinkling stars up above. A wave of fragrance burst out from these smiling flowers to invite their beloved night companions to the alluring buffet.The thirsty and hungry guests start humming  towards them to gulp soft pollen pills and to drink sweet nectar syrup treasured all over their floral sectors. What a beautiful relationship between flowers and pollinators! It's beyond the comprehension of any modern man who's dazzled in the glare of the artificial wares!

Do you know how these night creatures are called? What that fragrance is? Why that's hustle and bustle in quiet dark environs all around? A great secret lies there. Nocturnal plants like cosmos, gardenias, jasmines, lavenders, lilies, roses and violets mate in that quiet gloomy nights only! The mating facilitators are the twilight guests like bees, flies, beetles, moths and bats. A great hidden sexual activity is always going on throughout the cool night to produce grains, fruits and vegetables for the teaming populations of not only animals but also human beings.

The thirst created by dry hot sun during day time elevate the desire in plants to produce volatile substances of low molecularweight. That's what we call as scents, fragrance or perfumes. Flowers emit these safe chemicals during the night. The fragrant chemicals diffuse all around in the cool breeze.  After sensing the sweet fragrance, the visitors approach flowers, pollinate and fertilize them. So a new generation of plants is born in the form of seeds and those later germinate into baby plants to perpetuate the future plants. The essense of these heavenly perfumes can be sensed well by all creatures except the modern preacher. Why is it so means he has numbness in his nostril rooms because of those petroleum and plastic fumes!

Days and nights are the two shifts in the nature for different kinds of entities on the earth. This could be an adaptation evolved by intelligent organisms to reduce pressure and traffic on the planet and also to maintain ecological balance.  Alas, this feature is lacking in the materialistic modern man. Instead he has been creating disturbances and hindrances to the survival of not only his own species but also to all other creatures. Night-loving plants can't flower in presence of night lighting. Even if plants flower artificial lighting on roads and radio signals from broadcasting towers will always be there to distract the pollinators from visiting the flowers. Even if the invitees are ready to visit they may be killed somewhere midway by calamitous chemicals and poisonous pesticides showered by this modern mortal.

The cosmetic deleterious development has hollowed our minds off common sense and instead stuffed with concrete sense. Let us behave like earthly inhabitants rather like hellish aliens. Though we are diurnal we are lavishly lighting the world as if we're nocturnal creatures, but it's ignored in the dazzling glare of development. Night-long lighting is not at all required. Wherever it's required it can be low-level lighting. Our conscience and practice can save not only energy but also biodiversity and humanity. God save this mindless mankind! 

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Tragedy of a Virgin Cow: A Milk Machine with a Heart

Dhenupur was a small village in the suburbs of Mangalpet. The village was situated amidst hillocks all around with plenty of green pastures. The pastures were merry grounds for social cattle where they meander around a lot licking lovingly, touching friendly and leaning mischievously on each other in a carefree life. They used to live in popular cowpeace by lying down ruminating and staring curiously into space.

There was a cute heifer called Nandini born to native parents. As soon as it got puberty it attained the attention of a young hero-bull of the dynasty called Manohar. The frequency of Nandini's urinations increased. She was becoming hyperactive. Manohar started hanging around there in her vicinity. The next thing was "Love at first sight!"  A strong hormone-driven, subconscious and passionate relationship started blooming out. He was for she! He sensed and confirmed Nandini's oestrus by sampling her urinal pheromones through incisive spurs on the dental pad. Nandini was also excited with increase in her natural oestrogen levels and sexual receptivity. The libidial heat periods of both Manohar and Nandini reached their peak. No sooner had he started pawing the ground and snorting as a signal to mount over her, than a couple of strong men came and forcibly took him away. Hysteric Nandini groaned and mooed a lot at his departing partner, but in vain. Manohar was left into the herd after a few days, not as virile as before, but as a castrated, desexed or neutered steer to the misery of Nandini. He was no more for she!

The days of her loneliness were still going on. One day she felt heavy under her abdomen. That's a baby bump! Udder was also seemed to be becoming more prominent. She hung her head down shyly and shamefully to question herself, "How can this happen to me? I was just betrothed to Manohar. No any sexual relationships with him so far. Now he is sterile also. Is it bestowed due to any miracle?" After a long contemplation she could recollect one incident - One day a man came, bathed her with warm water, raised her tail up, inserted some stick into her and did whatever he wanted (Artificial Insemination).

After a few months she underwent birthing pains to deliver a cute calf. She forgot the pain of her unwanted calving after seeing the vigorous female calf shaking its head and trying to stand up. As soon as it had got the first glimpse of her baby it started licking birth fluids over its body to sense it as her own calf. The black and white crossbreed baby was fortunate to have an affectionate virgin mother, but without father. Possibly the father might be of a Holstein breed living somewhere in Netherlands. It was named Maya by its owner. She was happy to feed her suckling the first milk, colostrum. But the happiness lasted for three days only. The warm, tingling, satisfying feeling of breast feeding to its nursing baby was replaced with irritating and straining teat cups of a milking machine.

The baby was not allowed to suck enough milk by her ownwer as her mother's never-ending worry. Now Nandini was not only a virgin mother but also a vacuum machine to produce milk. One day another shock was given to Nandini. The owner took her Maya away. The disappearance of her baby for several days was the worst possible grief for Nandini. The bereaved mother was left with difficult memories that had been harder to cope with. She used to stare out into space in expectation of her daughter.  Sometimes she used to sit in a corner weeping hours together. She was becoming angry and intolerable to find teat cups stealing her baby's milk.

As the village experienced severe drought the owner sold out Nandini also to a dairy farm in Mangalpet. She was aghast to find her beautiful Maya there tied to an ugly spot with little space to move, turn or get up in the filth of its own dung and urine. The mother wanted to run, lick and nurse her child but she was disabled to do so. Whenever Maya cried out of hunger, it used to increase the stress on the Nandini. She couldn't reach her crying child as she was also tied at a distance. Two things were immensely worrying the mother. One was that her baby couldn't get milk as humans were always there to drink and digest it. Second worry was for the sake of milk humans wouldn't allow her daughter to select and love mate of her choice and innate emotions. But the only thing what the desperate Nandini could do till her last breath was staring into the hopeful eyes of Maya as a prisoner of the factory farm. What the great civilzed  human beings can't understand till know is that the milk machines also have hearts!

Sunday, 11 December 2016

No More A Shareholder of Destruction & Pollution!

Sadashay was a young budding billionaire in the city. Though he was born in a small village he was grown up and patronized by his educated and rich uncle in the city after the death of his parents in an accident. One day his daughter Kutuhula expressed her wish to visit the village about which he used to praise a lot. So Sadashay started his journey along with his daughter and wife, Bhagya. He got off from his vehicle when Sahanpur was still half a kilometre away. He preferred to walk so that his wife and daughter could enjoy and appreciate the pristine scenery of his countryside.

The enthusiastic trio was on its walk. Contrarily the ever-luxuriant passage was no more green to give a cool touch to the dry eyes from the ever smoking city. The vicinity was merely a scrub jungle dotted with a few aged sick trees and a plenty of thorny bushes. The expected cool morning breeze from the nearby hillocks was also no more there to refresh the ever-congested breathing systems. The coo-coo of cuckoos, caw-caw of crows,  chirping of sparrows and screamings of eagles were hardly listened on the outskirts. It looked as if the bountiful healthy feast for the birds was no more available.

Sadashay was aghast and tight-lipped at the inquisitive looks of Kutuhula. The past glory of the rural peace and serenity  was no more there to show his companions. No sooner had he waken up from the shock than he found the once beautifully sparkling and pleasantly gurgling Meena river was standstill, choked with black, thick and immovable gel of dirty sledge. The same fate with respect to the Bagula tank, which was once a busy fish market for foreign cranes. The greenish water body couldn't be a spot for fishing and swimming by the village kids anymore!

One thing which consoled Sadashay was that the village was no more a bunch of modest huts with smell of damp wood, but a colony of concrete stuff. Village roads were no more due to earthy cool but with hot tarmac dule. The village was practically  barren without green grass around. Tall towering trees were no more there as roosts for brooding birds. The morning fanfare of diligent farmers was also hardly to be seen. Sadashay was at utter confusion. He met a number of elderly people and his own old friends. He came to know that a quarter of the houses were vacant. Some wealthy farmers had moved away to other safer villages or urban places. Remaining families were also planning to follow the same. 

The once habitable village had turned into a deadly graveyard not only for human beings but also for other flora and fauna. Pet animals and wild birds were  dying after eating crabs, frogs and fishes from the river and the tank. Buffaloes, cows, goats and sheep were dying after grazing the grass. Crop lands were nearly dead as they were being drenched with irrigated river or tank water sourced from toxic effluents. Carcinogenic chemicals were ruling all three spheres of life - air, water and soil. Villagers had to breathe foul air to experience breathlessness, headaches, numbness and nausea. Drinking water had turned distasteful and undrinkable but without a choice. The village had become a living museum of all kinds of cancer. A number of children, women and farmers had already died. Many were still suffering to redie.

What was the reason?  Sadashay looked around. The village was arched in the south-west with a cluster of monstrous factories. Tall chimneys were standing beside them high to puff out thick smoke all through the air. A number of effluent pipes were bowing down into the water bodies to vomit unwanted chemicals. Kutuhula enquired, "Whose factories were there, dad?" Sadashay was mum. He felt as if his flesh had turned into stone. But the mind was still active. "Certainly those factories belonged to my own share-holding company," his conscience said. "Let's go home," Bhagya said.

A lot of thought was given. The progressive family finally decided to cancel their shares in the company which was running the killer factories at the neck of the desperate villagers. No more they wanted to be the shareholders of pollution. The family decided to spend the amount for rejuvenating  the last glory of the village, for the  treatment and rehabilitation of the villagers. At last Sahanpur had become the adopted village of Sadashay and his family. The family's only one dream was to turn the village into an Adarsh Gram or a full fledged sustainable Model Village with zero destruction and pollution, but with multiple occupations.

He could motivate and convince local politicians, local government officials and non-government organizations to vacate the cancerous monsters out of the scene. Sadashay knew that most of the forests had been destroyed for agriculture only. But farming in turn depends upon forests! So he gave much emphasis on tree planting works. He did intensive agroforestry as a call for rains, roosting for predator birds and source of green leaf manure. Social forestry also started for fulfilling different needs of village people. And windbreaks were planted across the wind blowing directions at regular intervals to protect crops from lodging and consequent yield losses.

He educated farmers to introduce eco-friendly organic farming. He persuaded them to say goodbye to conventional homozygous monocropping and to adapt heterozygous multiple cropping. He inspired them a lot to reintroduce native breeds of cattle as the best complement to mixed farming. The poisonous era of chemical fertilizers and pesticides nearly ended. Some changes were also brought. Only low level lights were allowed in the garden village to avoid night long light pollution and also to attract nocturnal creatures. Vehicles were allowed only up to half a kilometre distance from the main village to avoid noise pollution and consequent scaring away of birds and animals. 

The other change what he could bring was giving a new life to cottage industry. Non-biodegradable products from fossil fuels like plastics and synthetics were gradually  replaced with biodegradable products from living pools like clay, bamboo, cotton, sisal hemp, sunhemp, and jute fibres. The village is no more polluted and the great Sadashay is no more the shareholder of destruction snd pollution,  but an ever shining star at the helm of the model village re-evolution.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Inner Voice of Girls

Swapna was a cute, elegant and gracious girl not just because of her external beauty, but also of internal qualities. She was a successful  graduate from a local college. She was the only daughter of her patriotic parents. Mrs. Dheeraja was a true lover of her motherland borne to a freedom fighter. Mr.Dharma Tej was a sincere government employee borne to a soldier. The well-knit family was living a simple life in a small house on the outskirts of Mangalyapur. The other members of the family were a couple of ever quacking geese about the lotus pond, a calf and its mother Gowri  under the neem tree. Butterflies, ladybird beetles,  sparrows, parrots and pigeons were other frequent visitors.

Swapna's most intimate friend was Lavanya. She was a girl of fortune. Her mother, Vilaasita was a daughter of a landlord. Her father, Nageswar was unfortunately a corrupt government employee. The family used to live in a big, well-furnished duplex house. No dearth of gold and properties.  One day Lavanya came with her mother and father to invite Swapna to her wedding.

As per promise Dharma Tej and his family were at Mahajana Function Hall, an hour prior to the muhurtham. That day Lavanya was quite different. Her body was dazzling with a plenty of sparkling diamonds and shining gold jewellery adorned over her gorgeous shimmering dress. A man in rich suit was beside her. It cost Rs.5 cr for Lavanya to own Mr. Naveen, a software engineer in a reputed company. What a mindboggling function! What a mammoth congregation of people! Even the ever bold Swapna seemed a little bit blinded in the transitory dazzle of the ceremony. The fanfare seemed to be scattering the dreams of Swapna out of her intact mind. "Could my simple parents do my marriage?" was the voice thrusting out of her tender heart. A joint call from the parents woke Swapna out of her shock. They smiled at her and said, "Swapna, what you are perturbed at is merely a weaving of two sets of wealth, not two souls. Don't worry my dear, virtue adorns great souls, not money and metals."

After a year or so, Swapna got a call. She ran to Lavanya's home. Naveen was lying dead there. It's told that he's a victim of a plane crash on a foreign land. Lavanya had fell into Swapna's arms, turned hysteric and whispered, "Some curse has haunted and finally hunted my Naveen down. Black money has burnt my dears's body black. My heart is forced to wear a shroud woven out of the blood and sweat of a number of poor and hapless people. My dad, out of my love, illegally  amassed a lot of wealth, that's know tightening  around my neck also like a black cobra!" No sooner had Swapna tried to console her, than Lavanya became unconscious. Many a doctor's tried to wake her up, but of no use. At last Lavanya was a block of concrete, as a never leaving companion, beside Naveen's grave.

A month later someone knocked at the door. Swapna opened the door. It's Adarsh, Swapna's distant relative. He had discussed something with her parents and left to bring his own parents. Dheeraja told her daughter with a bit of hesitation, "Swapna, do you like Adarsh?" "What, mom?" she suddenly puzzled. Dheeraja continued, "He is a military doctor in Golconda. He likes to marry you, but with a condition." Swapna's dreams started blooming out. Dad proudly said, "No marriage hall... No dowry... No gifts and ... No presentations...  Only register marriage... So ... Many ... conditions ... !" 

Swapna was no more a dream but a reality. A great virtue was there to adorn Swapna's life. What a rare personality she was going to  get! A real hero to value for girls of upright parents, rather corrupt ones for money and wealth!  "ADARSH," the only inner voice of Mrs. Swapna for ever. Swapna might be an old lady now. But her face might be still glittering - more than that of the Koh-i-Noor Diamond - in the crown of her Motherland!


Sunday, 27 November 2016

A Child of 20 Years Education

It had been clear that Ajay was unfit to do a job in any prosperous company. So he decided to pack up luggage for his native village. He boarded a train to Maggamvaripalle. The mind was so depressed that it couldn't recover from the shock even after the first jolt of the starting train. The train started crawling and hissing through the smoky concrete jungle to leave the suffocating lungs into the open jungles to imbibe the new breath of life. As bouts of oxygen started suffusing into veins, his brain started springing out into a thought of one more new life. A long reel of pictures started flashing in front of his eyes depicting the events of twenty years of his long stay at different educational institutions. The night was no more dark, but painted with colourful illusions of the past imaginative life.

Ajay got off from the only morning train of the village. The sun was just breaking out to scatter its cool golden rays all over the glittering green carpet. Every bird was chirping cheerfully towards the golden fields for its livelihood. No sooner had he approached the door, than he listened the soft conversation between his dad and the elder brother, Vijay. Brother was showing accounts concerning cost of yarn, dyes, designing charges, number of sarees delivered to the market,  and so on. Ajay didn't want to make an abrupt early entry;  instead he decided to sit under the neem tree. He wanted to analyse and list out the reasons for his set backs.

Daddy found that Vijay was not as intelligent as that of Ajay. So he sent Vijay to Surat to get training in silk saree weaving. And Ajay to town to get higher studies.  After a few years of training Vijay returned home and started his own handloom unit, the sole source of income to meet the expenditure of both family and Ajay's stay in the town and later in the city. After being impressed by the way his brother maintaining accounts and by his own introspection, he started penning down biodata in his own style, to be interpreted as follows:

1) No. of years of education: 20 years 
(Baby, KG, Primary, High School, Pre-University, one year long term coaching for engineering entrance exam & B.Tech)

2) No. of days of education: 4000 days
(200 days per annum X 20 years)

3) No. of hours of education in schools & colleges: 32,000 hrs
(8 hrs per day X 4000 days)

4) No. of hours of education in study hours or tuitions: 16,000 hrs
(4 hrs per day X 4000 days)

5) Weight of books handled: 500 kg or say 1/2 ton.
(Average 25 kg per annum X 20 years - text books, study materials, note books, record books & library books)

6) Cost of education: 10 lakhs
(apprx for 20 years - tuition fee, books, stationery, uniforms, etc either spent by parents or government)

7) Percentage of time spent by sitting at educational institutions: 96%

8) Percentage of time spent in other physical activities at educational institutions: 4 %

9) Achievement: Passed 10th class, Intermediate and B.Tech.

10) Language Proficiency: Not satisfactory 
(Now Coaching in Communication Skills or Spoken English required to improve reading, writing and oral skills)

11) Status of Knowledge: Not satisfactory 
(1 Year Long-term Coaching required to appear for competitive exams)

12) Status of Professional Skills: Theoretical  (Byheart or if possible copy system)
(Minimum 3 years training required)

13) Any occupation known for livelihood: Never tried 
(busy with education)

14) Plus points: Good at mobile phones, tabs, computers, internet, e-maling, social network sites, chatting, junk food consumption, romantic affairs, etc.

15) Body appearance: Fantastic 
(have knowledge of branded soaps, shampoos, creams, perfumes, saloons, apparels, fancy items, etc and how to use them)

16) Physical Fitness: occasional tooth ache, eye defects, ENT problems, grey hair, dry skin, obesity, lethargy, back pain, body pains, breathing problems, palpitations, indigestion, etc.

17)  Monthly expenditure: National or international standards
(Source: parents / brother at least for 3 more years)

"The world has done a lot of business through me. I've spent not only a lot of energy and time but also enjoyed a lot as a student. But what about my family? They haven't got a right product in me despite huge investment and aspirations," the thoughts of Ajay had been going on so. What's next? ..... "Future Plans!" The rhythmic click-clack sounds of handloom started emanating from inside. Of course Vijay's routine work had statred! When Ajay lifted his head, Mom was already there with a smile on her face. Dad came out with an inquisitive look at his child of 20 years education!

(Ajay's future plans are left to readers' choice)

Sunday, 20 November 2016

One More Sustainable Swacch Bharat

Just like other middle-class children we were also busy in playing different kinds of outdoor games. We weren't as civilized as present day children with so many electronic gadgets and plastic toys to restrict ourselves to four walls of homes. But as the days passed on we learnt how to play cricket. That's the first advancement we made as developing children. No limit for our boundaries and sixes!

Meanwhile our locality started evolving gradually into a full fledged colony with a number of civic amenities. Number of pucca houses started sprawling all around to hide the invaluable top soil and to kill underlying soil microorganisms, insects and earthworms.  Concrete roads flanked by drainage canals and dust bins came up. The speed of our cricket ball was also increased and we were pleased to find the cricket ball running so fast non-stop on the solid pitches. But one nightmare started to haunt us. That's rolling down of ball into open drains. We had no option but to take out and reuse the same ball drenched all around with sewage. Anyhow we needn't to bother about hands and clothes getting a smear of that holy water. Later we  came to know the composition of the smear as urine, faecal liquids and bacterial colonies after listening the lesson, "Our Microbial World," taught by our biology madam. After getting enlightenment the pace of making boundaries and sixes also slowed down.

But the situation was quite different in the past before that advancement. We were so poor that we didn't use to let even a bit of garbage to cross across our fences. Garbage was purely biodegradable. Paper, jute fibres, coconut coir, leaves and bamboos were common. Plastics were yet to dominate the garbage component! We were putting the garbage in pits to make compost. We  weren't rich enough to purchase either chemical fertilizers or contaminated fruits and vegetables in the market; instead we were using home made manure to harvest home grown fresh food from the kitchen garden.

Water was more precious than food for us. We neither had an energised borewell nor a tap connection to misuse or waste water as per our greed. We were drawing water from the open well in spells as per the need. So we knew the actual value of water rather than that of water bill! Hence here's careful spending of water. Only one-third of the compound was  under the concrete cage. Naturally a very small concrete space, a few cotton clothes and kitchen appliances needed a very less quantity of water to wash and clean. Less water consumption used to create less drainage!

Even that small quantity of sewage worth a lot for us. We used to divert it to the bog garden in the backyard,  crowded with cannas, spider lilies and plantains. The only thing we used to let go was leftover part from utensils after washing. But the eagerly waiting  insects, fowls, sparrows and crows used to consume that part also. Practically nothing was being wasted. All this because we might be poor and less advanced!

We weren't civilized enough to let sewage or toilet water mix together and enter the mega network of concrete drains. Those days the drains were also not so broad and deep enough to house cockroaches, centipedes and rodents. There's  no any contribution of nitrogenous organic wastes, soap water or liquid shampoos from our homes to cause eutrophication of water bodies. We didn't know how to turn transparent water into black or green through algal blooms. Even we didn't know how to evolve a cool breeze wafting  fresh water tank into a source of evening stink. Neither we were a burden on society nor the society was on us. Retail business was also not fashionably evolved to present toned food in attractive plastic packings. Plastics had no any chance to clog the drains!

The thing what I haven't understood so far is why such a huge web of drainage canals are built and inter-connected?  When so many cheaper and safer methods are available, then why only this costlier and harmful mehod has become our final option? Why should we run gallons of dirty water all along our pathways to dump it finally into ponds, pools, rivers, seas and oceans? Instead we can localize the disposal in a sustainable way. Spending a lot to supply fresh water, to construct drains, to clean drains, to purify water and so on .....   the commercial cycle has been going on unabated.

If construction designs are planned well, the entire refuse can be recycled, and water can be recharged into the ground, at the housing site itself. No need to discharge into society. Even the chances of mixing of dirty water and potable water, through pipe line leakages, can be arrested. A number of water bodies can be let to get the past glory of freshness, and life sustenance for a number of water organisms! So motivating people and instructing architects and builders is the job of the responsible agencies.

The natural soil profile is itself the mega purifier of water. It's also an inbuilt mega water tank on the earth. Only a few inches of grass cover and a few feet of loose soil are required. The soil will start reabsorbing and purifying dirty water, followed by recharge, storage and resupply of fresh water. Or else the thirsty greed of humanity never be quenched; and water bodies will remain mega reservoirs of dreadful diseases, rottening fish and obnoxious stink. Let's the greed for concrete and plastic shouldn't disturb our dream for one more "Sustainable Swacch Bharat!"

Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Space for Childhood Is Far Away!

A simple question was asked, "Which is your favourite planet?" All the students except one answered, "The Earth". But Kavya said "lt's Jupiter." On asking her the reason she said, "Because the Earth is surrounded by poisonous gases and borderd by lethal weapons." Query continued, "Then why can't you prefer the Mars?" She answered in no time, "I have heard that the same destroyers are going to settle there!" Such a kind of phobia is frightening our tender little hearts to survive on our own planet!

As responsible parents we build castles in air for them. But, in fact majority of our children don't like our homes. The reason may be biophilia, ornithophilia, zoophilia or nature deficit disorder. That means children love to spend more time in green environment, enthusiastic to watch birds and happy to play with animals. Homes of parents are no longer homes of children! Why is it so? Because we are developing batophilia, that is love to live in or near tall buildings. Far away from environs where children actually want to live! Anyhow kids have neither a choice to fly away to a distant planet nor a chance to fulfil their desires on this planet. Always our concrete sense overdominates their common sense!

Architectural, engineering and market thrills never allow us to pulse the innate natural beats of our children. Spatial plans, structural designs and suggestive guidelines are always there to keep the neurons in our brains ever busy. So we never have to miss a modern facility or sophisticated furnishing to have a place in our homes. Only thing which doesn't find a place is kid's love towards nature. Our aims will be fulfilled if we can draw the attention of our friends and relatives to receive appreciation for our architectural master-pieces. But the bright colours of our buildings blind our senses to perceive the glow of instinctive desires burning in the genes of younger generations. Instead we wire kids to technological marvels like TVs,  PCs and tabs indoors in sohisticated concrete cages. Though this habit increases their body-mass index, we have no other choice. Let them grow in girth. The world's growing so. So let it go! We scarcely worry about negative effects of physical inactivity. Or we might have already pre-planned to face them. Medical field isn't dearth of research. Treatment is ever available in the market. Superspeciality hospitals are always there. Then why should we worry? Even malfunctioning of thyroids, lungs, liver, pancreas or kidneys doesn't matter.

The innocent childhood urges to sense soft sunrays in the early hours, to do green-exercise, to climb a tree, to play on grass, to view hues or smell fragrance in flowers, and also to watch agile butterflies, active birds and witty squirrels busy around in the home garden. But our rusty outdated minds are always there to flake off the instinct images imprinted on the young brains. Seldon we get time to take our kids to gardens of their choice. Even if possible that too in the evenings only! And we feel proud to show them the wonders like artificial  fountains and synthetic playing items in the light polluted evening gardens. Visiting and studying the lively beautiful gardens in sunny days may be a never-ending desire for our children.

We're great not only because we don't allow them to enjoy poorman's nature, but also because we stand as obstacles against the overall development of our children. Physical activities practically nil. Please think, how can children develop cognitive qualities like problem solving skills, focus and self-discipline, if they aren't let to come out of the four walls of homes,  classrooms and vehicles? How can they improve cooperation, flexibility, and self-awareness? Instead a flame of aggression and enmity engulf their minds. They may either become easy victims to culprits or culprits to prey easy victims.

If we really want to change the human world we should change the units of that world first. That's homes. The overall development of a child can't be expected without an ideal home. The ideal home is one which harldly has 1/3 of its space under concrete structure, 1/3 exposed to the sun and remaining 1/3 covered by tree shade.  (That's what 33.3% of world area under forests mean!) The house should be so small that kids should be forced to spend much of their time outdoors, in appreciating the wonders of nature - shining sun, gleaming moon, twinkling stars, hovering butterflies, flying birds and breezing trees. The kid should spend 1/3 time in schools, 1/3 time in natural environment playing and 1/3 time in sleep. Sound body leads to sound mind!

It's glad that a number of animal activists stand there to protest against destruction of wildlife habitats and also to protect their natural ecosystems. Lot of sympathy is being expressed towards the mute creatures worldwide. Our poor children also listen and learn much about the importance of balanced ecosystems for wildlife, hours together. But, oblivious of their own ecosystems! How many organizations are there to work for balanced human ecosystems? Or as individuals, at least, have we ever thought of the kind of habitats our children need? No, practically nil. Let's Think now! Or else the space for childhood is always far away!


Monday, 7 November 2016

Neem Stick to Control Toothbrush Crimes

A toothbrush is the last device to be used before going to bed and also the first one after waking up. It's not only beautiful and  colourful but also stylish in its form and bends. But it was a thing of craze in my past ignorant life. I used to be proud of using most stylish brushes in my family. Now such a thing of pride has become a criminal or sinner, at least in my view.

It's said that a plastic toothbrush commits crimes not only after its disposal but also before it get its shape and form in factories.  Primarily it's not a biodegradable material. Secondarily it's a product of fossil fuels. Fossil fuel means oil formed out of the crushed bodies of plants and animals millions of years back. It may consist of flesh and blood of a dinosaur or any other past animal. Anyhow that's not a big issue for non-vegs.

Tertiarily it emits cancer causing poisons like benzene before getting a cute form and style. As we know benzene may cause leukaemia or blood cancer. Besides this killer it would have emitted an another silent killer called carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane in the oil refineries before getting its embryonic stage called naptha or after that!

The toothbrush which is meant for whitening human teeth might have once blackened the lungs of some workers or animals nearby the refineries or factories in its formative stages. The same story with respect to nylon bristles, after doing a lot of harm to somebody's life, now starts brushing the pearly teeth to shine.

Some say that the present toothbrushes are recyclable. That means they can be remoulded into new toothbrushes.  But anyhow the chemistry is seem to be very obnoxious both to humanity and other biodiversity. I don't know how many old toothbrushes will get a new avatar. But majority of used toothbrushes may be a source of a municipal waste nightmare, landfill waste and dangerous pollutant after photooxidation, causing harm once again to our living communities. Neither safe before manufacturing nor after disposal!

When the plastic brush causes indirect harm before its formation and after its disposal the toothpaste causes direct harm while drenching the sensitively thin  mouth linings and tasting the tongue buds inside. No doubt it's a mixture of a number of chemicals. Triclosan which is supposed to kill germs may kill the user by damaging his or her liver, kidney, lungs and endocrine systems in higher doses. Sometimes it may  cause cancer too.

While protecting enamel, fluorides discolour the teeth with a mosaic of dirty spots on it. Besides that they may damage gums and bones to become cancerous also. Likewise other poor mindless chemicals are there in toothpastes to torture the human body. They are there to cheat the innocent nostrils and hidden taste buds through their alluring flavours.

After raeading so much about toothbrushes and toothpastes I decided to go for my traditional chewstick gifted by my ever beneficial neem tree (Azadirachta indica). But this one never has such a criminal record. Instead it supplies oxygen, cools down surrounding temperatures, calls the hovering clouds to rain, hosts a number of beautiful birds, holds swings for our children to enjoy a day and gives shade to human beings and mute animals before presenting us a fresh chew stick.

Along with the job of cleaning and whitening our teeth neem stick releases safe organic substances that may kill harmful germs either in the mouth cavity or in the intestine. After disposal it gets mixed up into the soil without causing any harm to the environment. What a great gift from mother nature! Let's propagate neem trees all over so that neem sticks can control toothbrush crimes.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Green Energy at the Mercy of Red Energy

Just like any life with flesh, nerves and veins, modern economy is also so with minerals, electricity and fuels.  But the ancient form of muscle power, ATP energy and oxygenated blood can't be converted into money as effectively and quickly as that of the modern minerals, electricity and petroleum. Bioenergy, natural energy or internal energy is the actual green energy which is safe for the living world.   Natural energy may be good for nature but not for doing a very big business, earning huge profits or winning supremacy on the fast track of the economic field. People get fascinated if they find some non-living object moving rather a living object. So business can be done through artificial energy by showing movements and responses in artificial things.

The underdeveloped world is a poor one because it's run mostly by internal energy possessed by animals, human beings and vegetation which isn't strong and fast enough to multiply business. On the other hand the external energy creates a numer of business opportunities in the form of vehicles, plastics, paints, synthetics, cement, buildings, electrical appliances, electronic gadgets and heavy machines to increase the income of a person, a company or a nation. The secret force behind the developed world is the technology that efficiently harness energy from coal, natural gas, petroleum, radioactive substances, water dams, solar panels, wind mills, etc. and put to rule over the business. So without external energy no one can achieve supriority over the others. If you want business animate the inanimate things! That's how artificial energy is preferable to the natural energy in this ever bloating economic world.

The first question is how fast the artificial energy makes money at the cost of the wilderness?  Unlike that of manpower the electrical energy energises machines to become strong and fast enough to mine and extract a very huge quantity of minerals and metals from a very large area in a very short period of time. Besides that it's used to cut an innumerable number of trees to extract a very huge quantity of timber. A lot of wilderness is required to be cleared for energy projects too. But the pace and level of deforestation, spreading of pollution, displacement of animals, their indirect deaths and extinctions are the different questions to keep the green activists ever busy.

The second question is how fast the artificial energy makes money at the cost of the domestic animals? Unlike that of animal power the petroleum can make automobiles grow in numbers and technically fast enough to plough hectares of land; to replace cowdung with chemical fertilizers; to carry billions of tons of farm produce and processed food and industrial products; and to transport millions of people far and wide to every nook and corner of the world in a very short period of time. The two mighty powers, electricity and petroleum, can make possible selective rearing of a few animal breeds and mass production of diary and meat products in factory farms. But the silent killing of the thousands of breeds of mute domestic animals,   the alarming levels of air, water and noise pollution; and rapid spreading of unknown diseases to the succeptible world are the different questions to keep the philanthropic organizations and health departments ever busy.

The third question is how fast the artificial energy makes money at the cost of the human race? As long as electricity and carbon fuels are there no one can slow down the speed of multiplication of vehicles. Like wise as long as electricity is there no one can weaken the supply chain of electrical appliances and electronic gadgets. When electricity don't  allow our hands to work, petroleum fuels don't allow our legs to walk! When hands and legs go into rest the other external and internal organs of the body will also follow the suit. So there will be a lot of savings in internal energy to keep  human bodies bloating. That's how the growth in the weight of human bodies is taken place along with degenerative and infectious diseases. By habituating the total human body to take rest the power of electricity and fuels grow further powerful to suppress the total power of human race.

The first allied forces which have conquered over the entire animal, human and plant kingdoms are nothing but electricity and carbon fuels. These are the forces which have made human beings forget the skill of converting hidden potential energy into safe kinetic energy and instead make them dependent on apparatus, appliances, equipment, gadgets, machines and vehicles. That's where the market forces come to reap the benefits from money-crops with bumper profitable yields.

These are the forces which make both mass production of goods and production of weapons of mass destruction possible. Only the concept of "mass production" can keep "production by masses" at check. Electricity and carbon fuels help educate families so fast that they forget for ever the conventional methods, kill traditional skills, and make incapable to produce safe products at home anymore. They  keep off green energy generators like animals, human beings and vegetation at a bay. Now they can easily  break productive families into employees to work in factories, earn money and become consumers with strong purchasing power in markets. What a great red army of electricity and fuels the superior species of the animal kingdom has created to defeat its own kingdom of life! Now the green energy is surviving at the mercy of the red energy. 

Even the beautiful phosphorescent light emitting and other nocturnal creatures are blinded by the lights electrified by red energy sources. But one thing is clear that to keep living world ever flourish the economy should walk in consonance to the impulse of green energy streaming all over the biosphere. The economy shouldn't run with the speed of the red energy invented and misused by the ignorant mankind. Or else the another mass extinctions will be imminent.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Where to Start Environmental Campaigns?

A great untiring activity is going on all around the world. Millions of teachers, lecturers and professors in schools, colleges and universities are engaged in preparing pupils and students for development. Day and night thousands of scientists in laboratories are doing research for development. Thousands of economists and planners are involved in plotting graphs of economic growth to show a right direction for development. Billions of dollars are being taxed  and spent for development only.

A great human force is being employed,  hundreds of activities are being carried out, thousands of acres of forest land is being cleared,  millions of tons of minerals and metals are being extracted and refined for speedy development. A fantastic growth is being seen in a number of rigs and barrels of crude oil; the length of roads and railways; number and height of buildings; variety of vehicles; and machines, computers and robots. It can be shown to the public especially the shareholders to invest in and support for further growth and development.

Meanwhile human lives are also being seemingly improved. Majority of people are going hand in glove with the elite class to enjoy the fruits of development.  Every household is getting modern facilities. No need to put arms and legs to toil anymore. No need to draw and pour water into pots from wells. No need to cut and cook vegetables.  No need to squeeze and suck fruit juices. This is all due to the collective efforts of a number of scientists, inventors, innovators, industrialists, economists, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, employees and other workforce.

Inspite  of such a rapid pace in growth and development a long list of complaints are yet creeping in. Some say that forests are being degraded and so do campaigns to plant trees. Some say that wildlife is being endangered and so do campaigns to save animals.  Some say that water resources are under threat and so do campaigns to clean rivers. Some say that pollution is at alarming levels and so do campaigns to filter smoke and treat effluents. Some say that plastics are killing animals and so do campaigns to recycle the scrap. Some say that climate is changing and so do campaigns to reduce carbon emissions. Some say that human race itself is under peril due to physical inactivity and consequent degenerative diseases and so do campaigns to propagate the culture of exercises and yoga.

But campaigns have been remained as individual entities. As isolated forces in forests, on the coastal beaches, on river banks or in front of the pollution causing factories, campaigns aren't serving the purpose better. So all campaigns should be started together as a united combined force from homes. Consumers of the fruits of development should be convinced. Majority of consumers are the followers of the elite class especially famous celebrities. All educated and professional consumers are also following the suit. Changes in the habits of the celebrities and elite will certainly change the attitudes of the common masses. 

Most of the resources are being over-exploited, wasted and misused for luxurious homes, world class  furnishings, non-stop entertainment and enjoyment. If the rich class is convinced regarding the gravity of the problem a lot of destruction can be easily stopped. If wise people are convinced better they all may plan for small houses amidst bigger gardens rather than bigger houses in smaller namesake gardens.  As small sized buildings need less consumption of minerals, cement, steel, timber, plastics, synthetics, paints, electricity and water a lot of pressure on the planet can be reduced. Besides this a lot of trees come up around in place of concrete covered non-porous spaces.

So the mindset of the people should be changed if we want to change the world. If the elite and intellectual class do something the remaining class will think it as a good choice to follow and replicate. So it would be always better to start environmental campaigns at the point of consumption rather than at the point exploitation to get speedy and effective results. Simplest person is safest to both nature and humanity! 

Friday, 28 October 2016

One More Independence Day, Please!

Swaraj was tenth passed but doing farming along with her wife Asha. He had a daughter named Bhavishya. He had some land sufficient enough to house a small mud shack and open space bordered by a number of trees like a curry-leaf tree, a drumstick tree, a guava tree, a jamun tree, a mango tree, a tamarind tree, a small patch of plantains and a plot for kitchen garden. The tree cover was a blessing not only for fowls, a pair of goats and a cow but also for his only girl-child to play and swing under. It was a self-sustainable home  with a plenty of paddy, millets, pulses, milk, eggs, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables.  But no doubt a poor underdeveloped family.

One summer his brother Sevak came to the village  along with his family as usual. But this time with a great offer for Swaraj! Sevak said, "How long you live this poor life?" Swaraj couldn't understand. He continued,  "Your child is growing up, at least for her sake you come to my place, I'll try for you a job in my company." Asha who's listening from behind prompted Swaraj to accept the offer. The undestandable husband said, "OK!" Swaraj had given a serious thought to the idea and finally disposed off all of his live-belongings to the other villagers within a weak or two.

After receiving a message from his brother, he left for the city along with his family. As he's tenth passed he's appointed as a supervisor for the ongoing construction works. Bhavishya was also joined in a private school nearby. The husband was doing a job in a company,  the daughter was studying in a private school and Asha herself was busy in getting audio-visual lessons on TV concerning the modern city life through serials with intermittent  ads on sophisticated gadgets to make the life practical. At last it's turned into a small happy family. No worries and no tensions!

One day Bhavishya came home from school complaining that she's developing pain in her tummy. Within a few minutes she started vomiting. She's taken to a hospital. Many tests were conducted. No traces of any infection. Later advised to take to a nutritionist. The nutritionist revealed that the problem was due to adulterated milk. This might lead to kidney problems also. One day she came home complaining persistent headache. There's no any serious probem, only thing was that she'd to use spectacles. She's then a complete student with a huge backpack of books and cute looking spects. Both Mom and Dad were happy as their girl was looking smart and getting modern schooling!

One evening Swaraj came home from work coughing, wheezing and feeling breathlessness and tightnessness in his chest. Asha forced him to visit a hospital. Doctors had conducted spirometry test and told that he's  developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) due to the continuous inhalation of pollutants. They suggested him to avoid dust and fumes  and to eat smaller but more frequent meals, to take rest before eating and to take nutritional supplements. After branchodilation he returned  home with a long list of medicines and a modern inhaler. He became a complete man with a cellophane in one hand and an inhaler in the other!

After a few years of the adapted city life the mistress of the family started experiencing nervousness, sweating, difficulty in sleeping and distinct facial flushing. Visited a woman specialist. BP was checked.  It's  140/90. Madam advised her to visit after three days. She went as per the schedule. High reading on sphygmomanometer! No doubt.  She'd developed hypertension. Then she got a long list of prescription along with a number of instructions - "Don't sit in front of TV for hours together. " "Don't eat too much salt." "Take more fruits and raw vegetables." "Reduce body weight." "Go for walk." And so on. But she's looking heavily smart!

One day power was off. Mistakenly Asha got some time to think about her family and home. It's a complte home with all modern facilities like a TV set, gas connection, a mixer, a fridge, a washing machine, a couple of ceiling fans and sufficient furniture contrasted to that of the past rustic life. Though they couldn't get unadulterated milk and uncontaminated fresh fruits and vegetables to keep health they'd get a plenty of pills and syrups to survive from not only infectious but also degenerative diseases. They're living in the area dotted fully with concrete towers encircled by drainages and fast running  bykes and cars over.  Though they couldn't listen birds' songs and get cool breeze  there, they could keep their ears busy deafening to hustling and bustling noise of vehicles and sense of hot smoky winds non-stop. But one thing's certain that people used to consider them as "civilized" and "developed".

Meanwhile the power came back followed by daughter  and husband in the evening. She found her husband seemed to be a little disturbed. Face was gloomy and greasy with a trickle of sweat. She softly enquired,  "Why're you so dull. What do you want, my dear?" He gently replied, "Independence Day!" "What ......?"  "Yeah!  I need independence from the dusty and smoky atmosphere, from the adulterated food and diseases and from the ever escalating cost of living, medical bills, debts and tensions." He continued, "I want the past glorious life of my village where I was the boss of my own small estate, full of clean air, water, food, peace and happiness!"

Saturday, 28 May 2016

How Do Trees Shadow Growth & Development?

Buildings are growing faster than trees, a great miracle of the modern era! Yes, kudos to the architects of the modern world -  designers, developers, planners and political leaders! Growth in buildings manifests the growth in economy, but the growth in trees can't do the same. It's a known fact that construction business fetches very high income when compared to that of tree and plantation business. Buildings bear money thousands of times more than that of trees! Then naturally it's questionable, "Why do animal activists, environmentalists and nature lovers emphasize so much on tree plantation?" When the worth of a well grown tree is hardly a few dollars then what's this mania for trees? Instead trees occupy very valuable lands to become stumbling blocks for the progress of real-estate business.

Concrete buildings are non-perishable and non-corrosive strong structures resistant both to fire and water. They are the shelters during storms but killers during earthquakes too! Very sorry please. Anyhow the toll is a proof for their crushing weight and mighty strength. As big as the construction work that much business one can expect in cement, gravel, stone, sand, steel, ceramics and paints. Mining and quarrying activities will also run parallelly to supply building materials and metals and also to destroy animal homes forever. Tree cutters will be busy throughout in cutting trees, scaring away many animals, birds and other creatures to run away and supplying valuable lumber for dream homes. Carpenters will be busy in making doors, windows and  furniture. On the basis of the construction space and number of labour-days engaged, architects and contractors will also get equitable percentages and shares. No doubt a lot of direct or indirect employment opportunities because of the housing business.

A boon to both electrical and electronic business too. As per the size of the building and number of rooms, requirements for electrical wires, switch boards, lighting and other devices or gadgets will also be there. As we know that during hot summer concrete keeps indoors hotter than that of outdoor spaces. During cold winter indoors will be cooler than outdoors. A great opportunity to push the sales of fans, air coolers, air conditioners and heaters. That's how both individuals and companies will get benefit.

On the other hand trees can't be expected to do that much. A very negligible contribution to growth and development. According to some economists more trees and less buildings means underdevelpment. Trees may be green enough to absorb carbon emissions or pollutants and inturn to release oxygen. They may be effective enough in filtering dust particles and  to save human breathing systems. They may obstruct extreme cold or hot winds from touching our living habitats. They may make people hale and healthy, but at the cost of what? Health business! Fifty per cent improvement in people's health means fifty per cent drop in health business! Is it agreeble for any pharmaceurical company or its share holder? No, it isn't.

Another thing is that trees provide cool breeze and shade to reduce temperature in and around homes. A big intolerable jolt to the business of fans, coolers air conditioners and fridges. And naturally to energy business also. What would happen to power stations,  electricity producers, distributors and sellers? Even a layman can guess. Trees and soil facilitate natural rain-water harvesting and increase in ground water levels. A very big discouragement to water business run by local or multi-national companies. Then who will quench the thirst of this business? That's how a number of demerits force people to shun the idea of growing trees.
Now we can conclude that as the space under concrete constructions increase the growth and development will also increase. As the space under trees increase there will be increase in cool breeze, shade, fresh fruits, birds, animals and health of people. So negative impact on growth and development. Trees provide a free habitable environment. Then what about the business of artificial environment fabricated due to modern technological advancements! 

Besides that trees damage beautiful architectural masterpieces by shaking foundations and shrinking walls, obstruct building elevations, develop cracks in drainage systems and interfere with overhead electric lines. Trees may attract nasty insects and birds too. It's an unbearable nuisance. So it's always better to keep trees away! That's how trees shadow the process of growth and development!

Saturday, 21 May 2016

But She's Still Smarter Than Her Daughter!

As the first birds were heard  a peasant woman used to wake up early to imbibe the silvery glow of moonlight for her sharp eyesight and cool fresh breeze for her strong health. She daily used to heat water on the bright flames in the cool dusky hours for her own bathing and also for her husband and for her only female child. Before golden beams of morning sun shone dews on grass, she used to sprinkle water and sweep all across the mud floor in front of her thatched hut. She was a strategic volunteer to serve the entire household, birds and farm animals through her daily noble chores. 

Neither the members of her family nor the farm animals never had any complaint against her menial services. A few acres of green paddy fields and vegetable plots hardly infested with weeds and perched for want of water in her regular attendance. An ideal woman of my native hamlet. She's now famous for educating and facilitating her only female child to raise to a dignified position. But the talk is that she is still smarter at her fifties than her daughter at thirties. The peasant woman still looks more agile and younger than the highly educated and posh software techie. It's really amazing!

The eye-catching makeup with branded cosmetics no longer keep her daughter's  face soft and smooth but with early wrinkles of ageing along with dizziness, headache and ever falling thin hair. On the other hand the peasant mother's skin is so fair and shiny and hair so dark and thick that one can guess a lot of facial creams, branded soaps and shampoos might have done the job. No that's wrong. Shikakai (traditional fruit for hair), soapnuts and turmeric have been her lifelong cosmetics. No money and no side effects! Very simple, natural, but beautiful!

The posh looking young lady's very happy and content to shed every rustic feature from her life. She often feels proud of that much development from a poor rustic background. She doesn't need poor-men's food anymore. Plenty of money is there to spend on MNC eatables like burgers, pizzas, cakes, candy bars, cookies,  pastries, ice-creams, fast food, processed meat, colas and sodas. She has profitably put on her weight to get higher number on the scale. The chubby lady has definitely misshapen her physique to be called a landwhale. She's a little bit discouraged and frustrated along with a number of modern medical complaints. But she's a lot of money to consult superspeciality doctors too. On the other hand the rustic mother has a firm body structure unlike that of her daughter's bad loose skin. Some may guess that firmness of her body might be due to super foods provided by her daughter. No, can't be adapted by her. It's unbelievable and shocking that she's still on green leafy vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, plenty of milk, jaggery, millets, pulses, ragi balls and jowar flat breads.

The modern techie may be on weight loosing job also! Contrarily to that her mother hasn't find any need to do all those regular exercises, special jogging, gym or yoga sessions. Walking across fields to fetch water, running behind  tendered animals, cutting grass, watering fields,  grinding or pounding grains have been said to be the secret of her fitness, as she hasn't yer been the proud possessor of modern electronic gadgets. A day long energy spending activities are always there. Very hard to believe! No obesity, dizziness, lethargy and immobility complaints. No breathing, bowl, cardio-vascular, liver, pancreatic, kidney or neurological disorders. No complaints of arthritis as she still uses to walk and run on earth unlike that of her daughter on glossy marble flooring of international standards. No sleeping disorders too as she's addicted to sleep in the cool breeze blown across by waving tree branches on the hillside. No need of infective air conditioners unlike that of her daughter. No money or no extra time needed to spend for that ever-energetic and ever-healthy fitness.

But one thing is that the modern techie is sacrificing her health, money and time for the development of the nation along with contribution to the growth of MNCs, big malls and super markets. She has not only developed herself but also a part of the modern development. The problem is that the peasant woman has neither developed so far nor a part of the moden development. And she yet doesn't possess any electronic or plastic money, modern electronic gadgets, branded dresses, posh bungalows, vehicles and gym or yoga facilities. Whatever it might be the talk is that she's still smarter than her daughter!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Please Protect Young Innocent Eyes

Eyes are there to pronounce the beauty of the facial features more sharply and wittigly than those of the words. The colour of the eyes is an highlight to the body appearance. Eyes are not only the entrance to the heart but also the windows to the outside world.  Eyes are there to peep deep into the thoughts and feelings of the dear and near. Haven't you felt the icy looks of your beloved ones melting down your heart several times?

The beauty of the World, ighting and darkness, senses of touch, taste and smell, distinguishing of colours and shapes can't be perceived without eyes. The brain can't tag memories well without visual images from eyes. Generations can't inherit their cultures and traditions without gene embedded images clicked by eyes. Could we expect reading a book, catching or hitting a ball, safe wading through obstacle laden path or  driving a car without eyes? No, we couldn't be. The chief organizers of majority of body motions -  eyes!

Could we imagine mirrors,  lenses, microscopes, telescopes, cameras, cinemas,  computers, television sets, mobile phones, iPhones and ipads around us without such wonderful eyes?  No, possibly not. The thing is that these gadgets are meant for intensifying the taste and knowledge of  eyes but not to affect the sight of eyes. Judicious utilization is a must. Otherwise the devices will become early death traps. Too much is bad! Here the responsibility of elders increase tremendously to protect not only the eyes but also the future of the young ones. Instead of immersing ourselves in the abundantly available sea of enjoyment and entertainment we the elders could become the counsellors and guides to the younger generations. The young should be made aware of dry eye syndrome, computer vision syndrome and early myopia - the outputs of prolonged TV watching, computer screen staring, e-book reading  and endless text message scanning. The hardly blinking addicted eyes may develop cracks in superficial corneal layers to compound the defects. But don't worry! 

A number of optometrists are there to correct the early eye defects. Consulting eye  specialists shouldn't be delayed. Vitamin-A rich fruits and vegetables help a lot. Appealing greenery of days and cooling darkness of nights are always safe for improving eye sight. Light pollution should be avoided as much as possible to safeguard the brightness of the young  eyes. Besides that a number of super specialists are awaiting to deal with  cancers, obesity, heart diseases, lung diseases, fatty liver disease, diabetes, kidney diseases, neurological disorders and sometimes even  suicidal desires too. But tne young needn't to think of that. It's suggested to reduce the hours of  engagement with these electronic gadgets for less than three and half hours a day. The young ones should be the physically active persons in the society. Otherwise the young world would be a mere stuff of physical and mental trauma. We know that physical inactivity is the root cause of many dreadful diseases due to sedentary lifestyles. But the young should be motivated to physically involve themselves in games and sports.

Anyhow the man is mortal, but not immoral. The children are yet physically and mentally growing. They  aren't biologically fit for sex. That's why child marriages are banned by national and international bodies. Many health organizations are warning against  universal prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases also.  Prevention is better than cure. Prevent romantic or sexual arousals among children by preventing watching of obscenity. Don't let on line addiction to distract children from their studies, careers and professions. Don't make children victims to venereal diseases too. Otherwise this will be a kind of disappointment and desperation for parents and well-wishers for ever. 

Save young eyes from endless interruptions whether in their real lives or on silver screen, TV screen, computer screen or mobile phones. If the young finds a very beautiful girl it may ignite a feeling of romance in him. If a girl is wearing a short skirt it may entice lust in him. But be cautious about the vulnerability and also the future of the young minds. A number of internet predators are lurking there to stimulate erotica or arouse genitals of young children to make their business. Be careful about freely available alluring forces around them. Convince children that there will be no romance and no sex till they become majors to get married! Don't forget this. Don't allow the young ones to become preys to the international business of nudity, obscenity, pornography, internet predatory or sex business. Instead of letting their eyes to be on this kind of attractions we better divert and motivate them to concentrate on certain aims and goals. 

The future will be theirs. Don't let the young bow before the enticing forces, instead make them conscious and energetic enough to bow down the disruptive forces. No one world power is as strong as the will power of the little hearts! Let them have good friend circles,  advisers and councellors in us. Please protect young innocent eyes to save their precious lives and bright future. 

Monday, 9 May 2016

3C's from Development or 3R's for Environment

It's being said that the world has been evolving since its origin and is termed as "evolution", the feature of the uncivilized poor creatures. Isn't it inferior to apply this word to the superior human? Yes. That's why a new and powerful word has been invented -  "development", the most pleasing and popular word  of the era. The only word which enlivens the spirit of every human being cutting across age, gender, caste, creed, organization, profession and status is development. There's hardly any  field or person who's ignorant or oblivious of this word development. All our revolutions, politics, legislations, plans, budgets, economies, innovations and inventions revolve around this word only. 

We can call it the nuclear centre of the modern world. Even medications of doctors and prayers of devotees are not out of the orbits of this word!  "Many diseases need to develop the medical field" and "many a number of rich devotees to enrich religious organizations" have become mottos for a few! Everywhere it seems prosperity. Only some saddists might be against this. How long we have to worry about humanity, that's there for centuries!  Create novelty. Even though it's meaningless. That's what development means -the word of eagerness, enthusiasm, energy and optimism.

On the contrary there is another strange word that tries to slow down the pace of development called "environment".  Even the personnel and heads of the environmental department are afraid of this word. Some consider this word as the word of pessimists. Why do so .... ? Because it suggests 3R's. 3R's are nothing but Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The first word REDUCE is the deadliest of all - the ferocious enemy to threaten the rapid growth and development of the modern world.

The word REDUCE suggests reduction in the procees of deforestation, mining, refining,  fabrication, manufacturing,  production,  transport,  distribution and ultimately destruction and pollution. It suggests to shorten or remove the links in the elaborate chain of growth and development. Could any optimist bear this to happen? Certainly, couldn't. Even an illiterate person can't tolerate this. Let the doomsday happen or the hell come down, there shouldn't be even a slightest jolt to delink the stages in the process of our pet development. Otherwise the consequences will be dire and many reductions may happen. 

Money value comes down and stock markets collapse if there will be reduction in the size of well furnished buildings, length of roads, number of posh vehicles, number of clubs or pubs and quantum of enjoyment or entertainment. Further some great lives may crash down to the status of a common man, totally dry and monotonous. No question of extravaganza, luxuries and class differences in the society - haves and have nots,  class and mass, posh and poor will be no more. What's the meaning of living a life then? That's why only a few want that REDUCE. If anybody wants let the remaining two words REUSE and RECYCLE be adopted. Definitely these two things are suitable for the teaming millions of common and poor people. Reuse the things discarded by the haves and recycle the things desperately left by the have nots.

Instead you see 3C's. How beautiful and appealing these three letters to our eyes! Constructions,  Contracts and Commissions - the three basics for mega development. Whether it's an individual or a nation that can't develop without these 3C's. Mind it! Increase constructions; so don't bother about destructions. Construct as many buildings and roads as possible. People call you the architect of the nation. The well wisher of the people. The messiah. The saviour.  And so on. Popularity, vote bank and money thrive there forever for you. How could anyone expect major contracts and Commissions without construction activities? How could anyone expect vigorous minting, lavish spending and secretive savings of money without contracts and commissions? So go ahead. Won't  we all agree? Yes, we do our boss! The human world is so much mentally prepared by the preachers of development that the word environment looks old and shabby.

Still one more point disturbs everyone's mind. When we are endowed with so many furnishings and luxuries then whycan't we live a peaceful,  disease- and tension-free living? Have we missed anything else? ........ Many more answerable questions reverberate in the minds of the intellectuals. Many more choises flash before their eyes. Does this biological creature need natural breeze or air conditioned synthetic enclosures? Cool grass-cladded soil or glossy floorings? Colourful flowers or confusing paintings? Shade of trees or radiating concrete slabs? Chirpings of birds or deafening musical sounds?  Company of affectionate animals or inanimate vehicles? Dark starry nights or blinding lights? Anyhow the modern wise man has many choices to choose out of either 3C's or 3R's.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Living A Comfortable Life: An Animal Or A Common Man?

It's a common notion that human beings are better off when compared to animals. We're  stigmatized ourselves in many ways. We're cruel. We're heartless. We're unkind. And so on. How many human beings are so? Majority or minority? Are our lives better than those of factory or wild animals? Let's see who're better. There's no doubt that human beings can do what other animals can't. But the common man can't get what the factory or wild animals can get!

It's said that human beings  have superb cognitive sense and consequently superb abilities like speech,  education,  training,  skill development, professionalism, innovations and inventions. Could all these be possible without a body and its master - the brain? No, never. As much as the mind power develops that much work is supposed to be generated. As much as the work is expected that much care and maintenance are required! We're  so highly educated and sane personalities that we know the values and requirements of various things around us. But unfortunately we don't  have the least consciousness about ourselves. It may look strange. But it's true! In the glare and speed of development we've lost our senses. Just like other animals, gadgets and machines we also need comfortable environment, wholesome nourishment and  regular maintenance. Have we ever thought of this? Unless our bio-machines are kept physically fit and internally intact how could anyone expect a perpetual and potential power for meaningful development or prosperity?

Just like factory animals and birds we need Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) and  like that of wild animals and birds we need Outdoor Environment Quality (OEQ). Owing to fast track development we can expect the least with respect to  IEQ or OEQ. Then what about IEQ? IEQ comprises of air ventilation, lighting,  temperature and humidity. What about indoor air quality? There's a lot of trapping space for  poisonous gases, dust particles, bacteria and fungal spores either generated indoors or outdoors. So a number of degenerative  diseases and artificial  deaths are there to haunt the occupants. Then what about indoor temperature? A temperature range of  20-25 °C  with a relative humidity of 25-60% is said to be comfortable for the warm blooded human being, or else have to face chilled winters or hot and sticky summers. Could we dare to expect comforts in our concrete dwellings without energy and money? It's a question for majority of human beings. Off course posh people have many answers to solve this! Is there any association or union to fight for our comforts? But innumerable organizations are there to fight for material wealth! What's the secret behind pulling humans out of their comfortable natural environments to stuff into congested residential units?  That too when comforts are not available free of cost. Wild animals enjoy comforts in their wilderness. More than that factory animals enjoy superbly in their precisely planned and professionally built artificial set ups. But the only fool who has been left behind is the common man!
Let's study the Outdoor Environment Quality (OEQ). In the modern world soil and trees are thought to be hurdles for development. Instead, lengthy bitumen or concrete roads, tall concrete skyscrapers and teaming metallic vehicles are there to radiate heat, generate pollutants and release dust particles into our outdoors.  What else we need to celebrate the days of the unbridled development? That's what the index or a measure of our development. Don't let even a drop of water to seep into the ground or a bird to roost on a tree. That's the attitude of many! That's why ground surfaces are plastered and  trees are sawed down. It seems that our houses are treasury offices to stock materials rather than as living spaces for humanity to survive. Naturally octogenarians have to find out old aged homes as there's no sufficient space even for furniture at home.

Leave the comfortable living aside.  Don't even  dream of it! Days have gone out of our hands. Could we get at least some potable water to drink or unadulterated food to eat without money or energy? Isn't it the result of our deeds? Where are our cooling soils and shading trees? Where's the space and time to grow kitchen gardens and fruit orchards? Where's the value for soil,  but for land? Where's the value for trees, but for concrete cover? Questions are many. But no time to think the answers!  Aren't the factory animals living a better life in their airconditioned chambers than the common man? Aren't the wild animals in their cool and shady environments? Who's living a comfortable life? An animal or a common man?