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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Please Protect Young Innocent Eyes

Eyes are there to pronounce the beauty of the facial features more sharply and wittigly than those of the words. The colour of the eyes is an highlight to the body appearance. Eyes are not only the entrance to the heart but also the windows to the outside world.  Eyes are there to peep deep into the thoughts and feelings of the dear and near. Haven't you felt the icy looks of your beloved ones melting down your heart several times?

The beauty of the World, ighting and darkness, senses of touch, taste and smell, distinguishing of colours and shapes can't be perceived without eyes. The brain can't tag memories well without visual images from eyes. Generations can't inherit their cultures and traditions without gene embedded images clicked by eyes. Could we expect reading a book, catching or hitting a ball, safe wading through obstacle laden path or  driving a car without eyes? No, we couldn't be. The chief organizers of majority of body motions -  eyes!

Could we imagine mirrors,  lenses, microscopes, telescopes, cameras, cinemas,  computers, television sets, mobile phones, iPhones and ipads around us without such wonderful eyes?  No, possibly not. The thing is that these gadgets are meant for intensifying the taste and knowledge of  eyes but not to affect the sight of eyes. Judicious utilization is a must. Otherwise the devices will become early death traps. Too much is bad! Here the responsibility of elders increase tremendously to protect not only the eyes but also the future of the young ones. Instead of immersing ourselves in the abundantly available sea of enjoyment and entertainment we the elders could become the counsellors and guides to the younger generations. The young should be made aware of dry eye syndrome, computer vision syndrome and early myopia - the outputs of prolonged TV watching, computer screen staring, e-book reading  and endless text message scanning. The hardly blinking addicted eyes may develop cracks in superficial corneal layers to compound the defects. But don't worry! 

A number of optometrists are there to correct the early eye defects. Consulting eye  specialists shouldn't be delayed. Vitamin-A rich fruits and vegetables help a lot. Appealing greenery of days and cooling darkness of nights are always safe for improving eye sight. Light pollution should be avoided as much as possible to safeguard the brightness of the young  eyes. Besides that a number of super specialists are awaiting to deal with  cancers, obesity, heart diseases, lung diseases, fatty liver disease, diabetes, kidney diseases, neurological disorders and sometimes even  suicidal desires too. But tne young needn't to think of that. It's suggested to reduce the hours of  engagement with these electronic gadgets for less than three and half hours a day. The young ones should be the physically active persons in the society. Otherwise the young world would be a mere stuff of physical and mental trauma. We know that physical inactivity is the root cause of many dreadful diseases due to sedentary lifestyles. But the young should be motivated to physically involve themselves in games and sports.

Anyhow the man is mortal, but not immoral. The children are yet physically and mentally growing. They  aren't biologically fit for sex. That's why child marriages are banned by national and international bodies. Many health organizations are warning against  universal prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases also.  Prevention is better than cure. Prevent romantic or sexual arousals among children by preventing watching of obscenity. Don't let on line addiction to distract children from their studies, careers and professions. Don't make children victims to venereal diseases too. Otherwise this will be a kind of disappointment and desperation for parents and well-wishers for ever. 

Save young eyes from endless interruptions whether in their real lives or on silver screen, TV screen, computer screen or mobile phones. If the young finds a very beautiful girl it may ignite a feeling of romance in him. If a girl is wearing a short skirt it may entice lust in him. But be cautious about the vulnerability and also the future of the young minds. A number of internet predators are lurking there to stimulate erotica or arouse genitals of young children to make their business. Be careful about freely available alluring forces around them. Convince children that there will be no romance and no sex till they become majors to get married! Don't forget this. Don't allow the young ones to become preys to the international business of nudity, obscenity, pornography, internet predatory or sex business. Instead of letting their eyes to be on this kind of attractions we better divert and motivate them to concentrate on certain aims and goals. 

The future will be theirs. Don't let the young bow before the enticing forces, instead make them conscious and energetic enough to bow down the disruptive forces. No one world power is as strong as the will power of the little hearts! Let them have good friend circles,  advisers and councellors in us. Please protect young innocent eyes to save their precious lives and bright future.