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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Whether Corruption is Famous or Notorious?

Whenever a student asks the question, "What's life?", the teacher's answer is "the period between birth and death ". Some students protest too and say that's for animals. They consider life means enjoying tasty food, living in bungalows,  driving posh vehicles, doing international journeys, and so on. That's true for majority.  That's why we are determined to develop. Development doesn't demand hard work only, a little bit of smart work too is required. We know that there's no life worth of living without Vitamin M - marks for children and money for elders, a modern belief.

What does a human body comprise of?  It's nothing but symmetrically arranged bones, adorned beautifully with flesh and skin of different complexions. Does this body need Vitamin M? No.....  never. It needs perpetual supply of pristine air, periodical supply of potable water and proteinaceous  food.

If every human story is so then what about the "class difference" in the society? Where are "prestige" and "status" be hidden? Don't to be worried! There are many inventions waiting for that purpose. But some people still live in small earthen huts. They walk on grassy soil,  amidst bird-roosting trees. They have no choice other than to breathe cool natural breeze. No electric bills and no high cost of living. Here's a chance for the rich to make a  difference. They can live in non-porous houses built out of concrete and glass to fit fans and coolers. These dwellings are amidst modern heat islands,  floating in dust and smoke. No nasty soil. Only glazed tiles and marble. The rich are distinct for restricting themselves to the four walls of houses, cars and flights. No soil, no trees and no birds to be worried about. What a great luxurious life it's! It's pity that the poor can't even dream of it. Alas! Nature is the poor man's only alternative. The fate is such that the poor are free from risks and tensions and full of peaceful and tranquil life.

The poor are not rich enough to take polished-lean cereals, junk food and carbonated cool drinks, instead they have to depend only on nutrient-rich unpolished cereals, millets, fruits and vegetables. Very pathetic! The poor aren't obese enough to beat the rich on weighing machines. Further they have no accessibility to posh vehicles, but walk miles together or make journey on donkeys, mules, horses or camels. "The poor animals of the poor people even don't know how to make noise and pollute the air". Very strange!".

Majority of the poor have to live through out with the same body and same organs what they were borne with. They won't get any opportunity to make changes to their bodies by replacing their organs. They don't know how to spoil their bodies and also to visit super speciality hospitals. If possible they may donate their own healthy organs to the rich.  It's fortunate that the poor can't compete with the rich at bars, clubs and pubs. They neither accumulate currency notes nor hide to spend to win in elections or destroy forests or wildlife by purchasing materials for making posh homes. And they don't have enough excess money to spend as lavishly as the rich. We must be very much thankful to the word, "development", that has given a clear cut difference between haves and have-nots. 

Anyhow to live a rich life and let the coming generations to live so, we have to develop.  This modern superstition is effectively propagated all over the world. It's not so easy to develop without Vitamin-M.  For that  many a number of professionals are required to give consultancy. They show us the ways for rapid earnings and secured savings. We have a plenty of inventions to do corruption - bribery, black marketing, commissions, dirty money making, deforestation, pilferage, poaching, looting, scandals, scams, smuggling, trafficking and many other known or unknown methods. So many international banks and agencies are there to hide the present illegal earnings for future generations. The great word of development has been given so much publicity that everyone, from a beggar to billionaire, is behind this. The meaning of life has been changed. That's "from birth to the dooms day". Even some active poor people are migrating to slums with a greed to develop. But the lazy poor man is still lying there cool and content in darkness, far away from Panama.

(Regarding some people only)