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Friday, 15 April 2016

The Other Mother's Lap for Education

Is there any place in the world equal to that of the mother's lap, with so much aura of care, love and warmness? Definitely not! Is there any primary school which can match this free gift of nature? No, certainly not. Whether it's day or night, summer or winter, healthy or unhealthy that comfort touches anyone's  heart.

Could we get the similar hospitality through out. No, not at all possible. As we grow we have to distance ourselves from that heaven of cosiness.  From primary to high school; then from pre-university to university studies, a lot of changes occur in the kind of atmosphere and care we get. One could visualize one's academic performance and its relationship with factors like availability of sunlight,  air ventilation, air quality, humidity and temperature. These factors boost up the understanding of the subject,  memory retention, creativity, and performance in examinations. Could we expect such an ideal atmosphere for education, these days? Hardly one can expect!

Luckily I used to get this kind of opportunity in natural and pristine environs around my place. Whenever I had holidays I used to squat with a couple of books under the shade of my favourite tree, Karanj or Kanuga, botanically Milletia pinnata or Pongamia glabra (old name). The evergreen tree with a massive canopy of light green foliage and all-around drooping branches was the best alternative to my mother's care. The cushiony thick carpet of fragrant, pink, purple or white tiny flowers on the ground, was the best alternative to my mother's lap. The intense heat and sunlight of the summer used to chase me out towards this tree of great refuge. The occasionally-visiting chirping birds was an additional recreation for me. I hardly felt bore-some during my exam preparations. Sometimes I used to enjoy sighting a lofty bow of gleaming rainbow through the water-dripping twigs during brief summer showers. I hardly used to feel tiresome because of the amazing cooling nature of the tree due to its effective transpiring surface. No need to spend money on purchasing energy for running fans or coolers. This is not an exaggeration, please. I used to assimilate, grasp or memorize  subjects at a pace more than what I could expect at my home or in my classroom!

Can't we present our tender children and sensitive students of the day this kind of heart touching and ever-soothing environment? Definitely we can! This will save pupils and students from increasing health disorders due to accumulation of pollutants in living places to the alarming levels. The best way for saying goodbye to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), Sick School Syndrome  (SSS), or Sick Car Syndrome  (SCS) is by spending a few hours a day outdoors in green environments. We are not dearth of champions of education, children-lovers and billion-dollar planners in this era to save the children. A lot of scope is their to modify the present monotonous classroom system. This will also be  a way to avoid shifting of focus of students from studies to the travails of  dripping-wet-hair through profuse perspiration. Besides the colourful-but-cluttered classrooms, it would be better to have a live garden around, full of colourful flowers, attractive birds and shade-giving trees. It would be a relief from boredom too. So we shouldn't miss this opportunity of getting the blessings of the helpless and innocent children by providing tree shade!