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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Purpose of Education

I would like to share my view that education with a purpose is an effective education. Education that can't keep one's health, mind, character,  relationships and environment is an ineffective education. Education is for a life of 24 hours in 80 years, not just for a career of 8 hours per a working day in 20 years! Here is an extempore audio recording in English with regional  ascent (don't laugh). Please listen, appreciate if you like or  add a comment to improve successve videos.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Unemployment Technology

Our genius economists,  planners and policy makers have been repeatedly warning us against the rapidly growing population and consequent unemployment problem. For this kind information we should be very much thankful to them!  But not even a least heed is given to this warning. So it has resulted into three categories like physical,  physiological and mental unemployment.

The physical unemployment problem is due to more labour supply and less demand for workforce in market. A lot of educational institutions are coming up and growing up certificates well in advance to produce a lot of  manpower on paper. On the other side a lot of technocrats are inventing and innovating efficient technologies to reduce need for physical manpower and to increase productivity through machines, computers and artificial intelligence. In addition to this, students don't get sufficient time and space to learn, at least, their occupations at home, because of hectic academic schedules. The net result is qute different from our superstitious expectations. 

The educational institutions are helping the industry through their double edged strategy - one in reducing demand for manpower and two in increasing educated consumers for their products. At the end the educated class will be without sufficient earnings to eke out their living and so may be forced to do under-employment jobs or harmful or illegal activities without a proper home or family. Even uneducated farm workers are losing labour and wages due to a number of superb chemicals and machines invented and introduced into agriculture. Online business further reduces chances of employment in retail sector (Total employment in MNCs is less than overall  employment in the conventional system)
In physiological unemployment a person is physically employed but physiologically unemployed. This is due to employment of machines, vehicles and computers in factories, offices, companies and even in houses. There is a maximum rest to arms and legs. This leads to less exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between lungs, blood and tissues in different parts of the body.  This in turn creates further erratic employment to internal organs. The result might be degenerative diseases. But there is a lot of opportunity to earn huge profits by medical, health and insurance companies.

In mental unemployment the person is physically employed but without much work to his mind due to computers and artificial intelligence.  A lot of stress on eyes, nerves and muscles may occur. Sedentary life styles compounded with junkfood creates a lot of psychological and social problems. Early retirement from physical jobs may also result.

The solution to all these problems is less dependence on chemiclas and machines. Students should be properly educated and trained to depend directly on sunlight, soil, plants and vegetables for different needs. Instead of concrete jungles a trend towards farm houses should be motivated. It creates both pristine environment and ample employment opportunities,  though not in companies and government offices. More organic products and physical activities will create  a healthy and peaceful population. But the big bosses are thinking to solve all these kinds of unemployment problems by introducing robots!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Green Revolution Collides with Green Evolution

The only planet with the rarest kind of unique matter called life is the earth. Here the base for trillions of evolving and fluorishing organisms is green evolution. The green evolution started with the tiniest blue-green algae and reached up to the mightiest Sequias. But a few  brains disrupted the green evolutionary process through industrial and green revolutionary concepts. The former kind of revolution destroyed a major part of the green biodiversity in wilderness.  The latter kind modified some more green biodiversity in cultivation.  The green trafficking has been happening without being recognized and noticed by a major part of the human world!

The green evolution happens so generously and judiciously that every bit of biosphere flourishes with fertile soils, timely hydrological cycles, luxuriant vegetation and very active and sportive animals.  This prospers not only the overall nature but also the farmer and all his friends and partners in farming. Invisible microscopic flora and fauna and visible macroscopic  earthworms, bees, butterflies,  birds and animals are kept busy and alive.  It also keeps environment clean and consumers hale and healthy.

No dought that there were farming failures in the post-industrial era. Those droughts and famines misguided human thought to take a sudden turn from the ever successful path of green evolution. A fast paced detour was taken, that's called green revolution. There has been misunderstanding of a fact that those calamities were none but the byproducts of destruction of  major ecosystems, for industries and infrastructure only. This new kind of development has engaged the farmer in farming  so vigorously that his agriculture has prospered more than himself. Not only agriculture but also a number of agriculture related companies like seed, fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation, plastic, machine, tractor and food processing industries have prospered a lot. But the farmer has been left with dreadful diseases and demeaning debts and the consumer has been with contaminated, processed, junk food and degenerative diseases.

Neither governments nor their associated companies are in a position to continue farming on natural  ecological models. The only choice left is either to conserve nature and get fresh food or forget human race forever. Let's wait and see how long this scam continues!

Monday, 25 September 2017

These Terrorists Are Organ Hunters

There are two necessary evils which behave hypicritically as friends but act f erociously like terrorists. We can't imagine ourselves as leaders of this modern world without these two masked entities. What are these two terrorists? One is badly smelling petroleum and the other terribly shocking electricity. 

Petroleum creates not only a variety of products for world business but also ammunition, explosives, plastics and an innumerable number of other poisonous pollutants to kill their own producers. But poisonous pollutants too have certain economic values in their recyclic phase! They sneakingly enter our environment, air, water and food chain and silently attack different human organs, damage them and help health and insurance industries to grow fast and earn huge sums of profits. Diesel and petrol, the two fractions of the crude oil,  don't let people to walk, jog, run, climb or use animals in journeys, but keep them always in resting postures. These twin products are not only fuels but also souls of automobile industry.

Electricity is no less than petroleum. It speeds up destruction of forests, wildlife extinction, purification and refining of minerals, metals and other chemicals. It pumps out ground water very fast to deplete the scarce invaluable resource a lot.  It creates and energizes electrical machines and electronic gadgets. It ever keeps people comfortable through fans, air coolers and air conditioners. It makes possible people swallow in either too cold or too hot things from fridges and microovens.  It attracts eyes by causing light pollution and appeals or consoles ears through noise pollution.

We are proud of our science and technology innovations.  Companies invest for technological innovations and in turn get power and strength to encroach into human living conditions . "Be cautious!  Don't let people approach nature, accept natural principles, follow natural methods and consume natural products. Or else the companies become bankrupt". That's the technique of modern business. Even air, water, food and sex shouldn't be natural. Turn everything  artificial. Brand, tag and  market everything. That's what economic development.  Besides these there should be a supplement of junk food for these special category of people to enhance the effect of the business world!

Don't  let people move their body joints. Even if they want that's through gym or some costly exercising equipment only.  Let people either sit or sleep on  cushiony substrata always. And further certify it as dignity, prestige,  respect or as an indicator of achievement or success. This  never appear as self-punishment but as a luxurious,  sweet and pleasant way of intoxicating one's own life.

Unfortunately our body structure isn't made in such a way to bear and persist out of this pseudo-development torture. Our hands  aren't meant for holding mobile phones throughout the day. Our legs aren't meant for being dangled down the chairs or lying down on beds throughout the day. Our eyes aren't meant for staring at glowing screens through out the day. Our ears aren't meant for listening noises from fans, machines, vehicles or music from electronic gadgets throughout the day. But we  fool ourselves by considering these bad habits as advancements.

No doubt most of our body organs are getting modern avatars. The eyes are turning red, gritty, dizzy with a lot of uneasiness or itching. Ears are becoming less audible. Nose is getting  senseless and  unable to prevent entry of germs. Skin is becoming wrinkled and aged, but looks beautiful and attractive over a slim layer of chemical cosmetics. All our internal body organs are notified under different insurance schemes at different  superspecialty hospitals. Fortunately lungs, hearts, stomachs, intestines, livers, pancreas and kidneys are being brought under AMCs. No need to panic. A full fledged consultancy and pharmaceutical business is going on. Governments too are happy to find and make publicity of a spurt in the growth of health industry.

On the other hand some tribal people are still living in natural habitats full of soil, grass, trees, rivers and mountains. They aren't classified as patients for any insurance scheme viz.,  asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, premature ageing, skin cancer, gastric ulcers, gall stones, constipation,  obesity, diabetes, hypertension,  kidney failures et cetera. These are the people least affected by climate change,  global warming or calamities. They can survive due to their expertise in physical activities, strength of natural immunity and genetic diversity. But a lot of efforts are being made to bring these unsophisticated people into the mainstream of world corporate consumer circuit. Save God! Should we expect some more organ damages in the days to come?

Wise people use the least. Humanistic governments discourage the most. The two necessary evils - petroleum and electricity. Beware, these terrorists are the organ hunters!

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Love Destroys Divorce

As we all know a family is the basic functional and structural unit of our society. The strength of our society lies in the collective performance of our families. The strength of the family depends on the power of binding forces acting upon its members. That strongest binding power in my view is nothing but 3D-Love. The love between husband and wife, and between parents and children. We ourselves have invented a number of evil elements to break these strongest bonds like greed for money, materials, buildings, property and lust in the name of development and indiscriminate enjoyment. Long long ago it was being told that love is blind. Now it's no more blind. It's blinding in the glare of degrees of education and decrees of infatuation.

Nations, States, countries, communities and even families can be easily broken into bits of desolation and sorrow through  'Divide and Rule Policy' of the greedy world. Husband is divided from wife, parents from children and citizens from their nations just to become posh servants of rich capitalists, employees of companies somewhere abroad or in other cities, far away from life partners, children, mothers and motherland.   Physical divisions will definitely lead to mental divisions that in turn may lead to divorces. There are many excuses shown to divide but major hidden causes may be as follows:


Extra-marital sexual affairs are a cause for the dissolution of most marriages that end in divorce. The factors that are respinsible for extra-marital relationships may be as follows:

i) Lack of love, affection, dedication and honesty towards ones spouse.

ii) Habituated to change lovers and sex partners since school days to marriage due to different reasons. May be due to a long gap between pubery and marriage, and also may be due to child marriage ban followed by unbearable heat of romance, obscenity, nudity and sex generated by different kinds of media and cinema.

iii) Watching more beautiful girls, women, ladies, actresses, heroines,  and models or more handsome boys, men, actors, heroes than their spouses in and around our living places or on screens will reduce interest in their own spouses some times. 

iv) Intimate relationships beyond limits with colleagues, commuters, relations and  neighbours of opposite sex.

v) Long periods of menstruation, pregnancy and postpregnancy periods among wives and diseased or injured periods of husbands.

vi) Absence of life partners for a considerable period of time due to  far away journeys, foreign tours, or foreign jobs.

vii) Exposure to obscenity, nudity and sex on TV or mobile screens.

viii) When one of the spouse not interested, efficient or competent enough to participate in a kind of sexual act as so in novels or videos.

ix) Visit to pubs and nude dances especially with their boyfriends or girlfriends.

x) Easy adultery or availability of brothels, pimps  and prostitutes in the society.

xi) Differences in sexual appetite and lack of emotional intimacy.

xii) Disfiguration of a spouse's body due to overweight, age or other reasons. Overweight is basically due to obesity. Obesity is due to more intake but less expenditure of energy. This in turn is due white collar jobs, electrical and electronic appliances and gadgets without sufficient physical activities. The basic symptom of development! 

xiii) Husbands addicted to texting on mobiles upto too late in the evenings or beyond midnight.

xiv) Impotency or weak nervous systems and consequent dysfunctioning of organs due to constant exposure to radiation from computers, mobiles, television, etc along with lack of sufficient physical activities and balanced diet especially fresh fruits and vegetables. The latter aspect is fully overtaken by fast food, junk food and carbonated drinks.

xv) Dysfunctioning of sex organs due to obesity, diabetes, deficiency diseases, global warming and rapid increas in temperature due to pollution, lack of 33.3% tree cover in human habitats, heat islands amidst concrete jungles is also a strong cause!

xvi) Different job timings for spouses or night duty for a spouse.

xvii) Any one spouse goes regularly into inebriated or intoxicated condition during nights  by taking drugs or liquors.


The second important cause  is financial aspects. Marriages are no more made in heaven but in posh and magnificient marriage halls with a lot of glare and show put up. Marriages are hardly a glimpse of love and affection, but a kind of commercial activity. So many things stand between two hearts to meet and understand mutually. Dowry, gifts and presentations occupy the primary position.  Money, materials and properties always be there to spoil the holistic thought of marriage. No much discussion about love and affection. The only version that's acceptable these days is how much money earned, ethnically or unethically, and being spent in the marriage! That's why the bond of love and affection is very feeble these days to bind the bride and bridegroom forever! So many cases of divorce and broken families are rampant these days. Here  some more financial reasons are given:

i) Different spending habits of a spouse.

ii) Different financial goals of a spouse.

iii) Two different spouses from two different financial backgrounds.

iv) One spouse of corruptive mentality and the other of honesty.

v) One spouse of simple and natural lifestyle and the other of luxurious, extravagant, posh and ostentatious lifestyles.

vi) Husband can't cope up with daily,  educational or medical expenditure in family.

vii) Wife or her parents not paid the dowry, or given gold and gifts as per the promise or the as per later desires.

viii) Husnand is financially irresponsible and has failed to maintain his wife or the children properly.

ix) Husband is wasting money in bettings, gamblings, or pubs and prostitution.

x) One spouse may be spending money towards ones parents or relations without other's consent or willingness.


i) Anger and resentment.

ii) Conversion of emotional affair before marriage into physical affair after marriage.

iii) Lack of effective communication between spouses like yelling at spouses for simple reasons especially in front of other ladies, not talking enough throughout the day due to busy schedules or texting on mobiles, making nasty comments to express oneself, telling lies, scolding, etc.

iv) Arguing about every simple reasonable and unreasonable issues especially about kids, customs, culture, food preparations, shopping, etc.

v) Obesity, weight gain, lack of physical fitness, disfiguration  of body, etc are common reasons for divorce.

vi) Unrealistic expectations during romantic days before marriage.
vii) Lack of intimacy due to overtime jobs, business, cellophane texting, TV watching,  etc.

viii) Lack of equality due to gender bias or position in jobs.

ix) Unhappiness and stress due to attitudes of spouses.

x) Oral or physical abuses and physical violence.

xi) Spouses drinking excessively.

xii) Spouses behaves in an unreasonable and aggressive manner under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

xiii) Chronic diseases making a spouse unfit for sexual life.

xiv) Lack of elders or well wishers to bridge the gap of resentment between husband and wife due to small nuclear family system or money saving mechanism.

We can't say that all these factors or at least some of these will definitely lead to divorce. No, never be so! As mentioned earlier the power of love and affection decimates all these reasons and stand aloft to safeguard the holistic relationships between husband and wife.  But once if that power is also made powerless for the sake of colourful world or transient pleasures, then no one can avoid the tumbling down of relationships.

We can just say that these are some of the reasons for divorce or Talaq. Here majority think about divorses and legal games what to play after that unfortunate incident.  Better well-wishers, governments, courts,  organizations, parties and leaders stop talking much about what to do after divorces but start thinking about how to prevent these divorces. There is only one way to make the nation grow stronger, that is "prevention is better than cure!" Avoid forces that weaken the bonds of love and affection between spouses and among the members of a family, though it costs billions of rupees or dollars in the form of loss of business or taxes to the people and government! Then there won't be any Talaq .... Talaq ..... Talaq. Only Love ..... Love ..... Love!

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Darkness Glows Life

Can we deny  the fact that the development of our own body in the darkness of mother's womb for 9 months? No. We can't. All our internal organs are too functioning in the same darkness only and will continue to do so. And so we shouldn't forget the basics of life in the stupefying dazzle of modern electricity! 

Here is a superb example for less noticeable MODERN SUPERSTITION! We feel ourselves or someone has convinced us to feel encroaching into darkness of nights as a great achievement when it isn't actually so! We visualize that electric lighting has made humanity win over dark nights, but in fact artificial light is winning over our body organs only! Look at modern world from a satellite at night and it glitters with colourful lights, with billions of wasted energy dollars. Nobody mean this to happen when it's having such a devastating effect on our health and also on the health and existence of other creatures.

Our biological rhythms are evolved to take advantage of both bright days and dark nights. Concrete house plans reduce lighting during day time and electricity increases  lighting during night times. Slap on both phases! As educated ones we know the maintenance of circadian rhythms as compulsory to get balanced healthy life. We also know that they influence many of our internal body  processes like body temperature, enzymic activities, hormonal balance, hunger cycles, and internal energy levels. But the human body biological clock is being drastically affected due to powerful radiation of short wavelengths in artificial light. Now we can study some of the advantages of dark nights as contrary to that of bright nights created by the business world.

Darkness Heals Human Health:

1) A number of health and environmental problems can be solved with darkness.
2) Darkness prevents light pollution and its consequential maladies.
3) The presence of true, continuous darkness enhances both the quality and quantity of our sleep. On the otherhand fluorescent lights from electric bulbs, tablets and cell phones keep us awake the most. But red and yellow lights from candlelight or lamps are naturally dimmer, and so do not affect much. Anyhow darkness in the bedroom is always safer while sleeping!
4) In darkness 'fight or flight' hormone or 'Adrenalin' is not activated much. So stress mechanism is properly controlled. Owing to less stress and depression more  immunity against diseases will be developed.
5) Darkness reduces constipation, stomach ulcers, heart diseases and different kinds of cancer also.
6) If we get the sweet zone of seven to eight hours sleep, we feel ourselves comfortable, peaceful and with strong ability to think clearly.
7) We can improve cognitive skills, memory power, proper communication, and consistent mood without auditory or visual hallucinations during the day. This is very much important for students and their teachers. School and college managements should understand this biological and psychological logic behind studies.
8) Dark nights with sound sleep avoid facial wrinkles, skin blemishes, acne, but increases sex drive.
9) Other very serious disorders can be prevented due to dark nights like obesity, diabetes, fibromyalsia,  Alzheimer’s disease, etc.
10) During dark nights more "Dracula hormone" or "Melatonin" is produced. Low levels of melatonin is associated with certain cancers. Melatonin  checks cancer cells from growing (atrophy) further.
11) Different kinds of cancers like blood cancer (leukaemia), breast cancer, colo-rectal cancer,  prostrate cancer,  etc can be prevented due to sufficient darkness during nights.
12) Females in prolonged darkness during nights are competitively less prone to breast cancer.
13) Dark nights let children sleep very well and hardly get blood cancer called leukaemia.
14) Males who prefer dark nights and less artificial lights have less chances of getting prostrate cancer.
15) It is estimated that nearly 40 percent of Americans sleep less than seven hours per night. We call it "insomnia." This may be probably due to lack of continuous darkness during nights along with over use of electrical and electronic devices.
16) Darkness keep rods on retina of eyes functioning. It keeps eyes at rest after a day long vigorous work. Resting eye balls keep related brain and remaining nerve cells too at rest to reivigourate the entire body system for the next days work. 

Darkness Activates Animals:

1) The immune systems of animals grow strong if there's no artificial light at night.
2) A number of insects, birds and animals are active during dark nights to eke out their living like hunting the prey, and mating, besides conserving energy and water in the body.
3) Dark nights keep populations of different animal species on the earth safe or else they may become extinct.
4) Millions of migratory birds can be saved from dying if nights are kept dark.

Darkness Blossoms Plants:

1) A number of plants open their flowers only in or with  a continuos period of darkness without any intermittent artificial light.
2) A number of plants are pollinated by nocturnal insects, birds and animals only during dark nights. This in turn decides the quality and quantity grains and fruits and their dependents in the food chain.

Darkness Greens the Environment:

1) Less mining is required to manufacture electrical wires, appliances and bulbs or tubelights.
2) Less number of electricity projects are required, thereby destruction of hilly tracks, forests, rivers, and other water bodies can be minimized.
3) No need of nuclear reactors to generate electricity and thereby no nuclear accidents or radioactive fallouts!

Darkness Enriches Economy:

1) We can save billions of dollars from wasting on street lights by keeping nights dark.
2) We can save billions of dollars from wasting on constructing hydroelectric projects, their maintenance, dredging and flash floods  due to breaches in dams.
2) We can save billions of dollars being spent on health bills aggravated due to loght pollution and related diseases.

Whether modern technology is pushing us towards development or destruction is a question least answered! Whether all this development is for wellbeing of humanity or business community is a big doubt! Yet It's to be clarified to the public!  All the educated members of the society could analyse and understand the hidden agendas of business and try  to handover clean environment, healthy blood and good habits to future generations.  We can't anylonger toy with our body clocks to bring severe risk to ourselves, our children and grandchildren's wellbeing.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Paintboxes to Colour Nature

Mother nature is always there to display its technicolor to lull its beloved creatures. It's always eager in spanning its vividly eye-catching wings wide enough to take the life forms into its arms. It's manifested when it starts transforming its lush green summer colours into  colourful autumn foliage full of reds, golden yellows and brown.

Is there any world in the entire universe which is more colourful and attractive than the planet earth? Are there any mega smoky factories to supply harmful paints to colour this planet earth? Is there any tourism department to paint foliage and flowers to make the landscape beautiful? Is there any great architect destined to plan and design varied patterns of colours in the natural scapes? If any little inquisitive kid ask us these questions, then what would be our answer? As elders we simply laugh and say, "No, dear, that's by nature itsef."

If it were needed to colour all nature 
and plants in the world, one can guess how many petroleum rigs, petrochemical refineries and paint factories would be required and how much air and water bodies would have to be spoilt, is beyond anybody's calculation. But the nature isn't so foolish. It generates so many colours and their  mixtures without releasing any harmful fumes into air and effluents into water to endanger the lives of fishes, birds and other animals. The nature produces everything with an intention of doing benefit to its entire living community unlike that of the human kind who wants to show his talent with the sole aim of gaining falseprestige and business profits irrespective of the damage caused to the nature through obnoxious chemicals.

The natural wonder with concentric rainbow colours around the Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic hot spring is a reflection of a myriad of pigments in different microscopic cules. The beauty of watermelon snow, pink snow, red snow, or blood snow over the alpine and coastal polar regions during summer is  nothing but the hues of astaxanthin pigment exhibited by an alga called Chlamydomonas nivalis. The Red Sea get its shade due to an another alga called Trichodesmium erythraeum.The most beautiful river in the world “the river of five colours” in Colorado get its vibrant colours due to red plants called  Macarenia clavigera, the yellow and green sand, the blue water and all the shades in between. Even the hot chillies exhibit green, yellow and red shades as they pass through unripened to ripened stages.

Every plant, tiny or mighty, has billions of tiny paint factories, hidden deep in their bodies, to produce myriad of colours and their mixtures. These factories are called plastids. Some describe them as microscopic paintboxes too. But majority of these paintboxes are green and are called chloroplasts. Green paintboxes produce green pigments called chlorophylls. A chlorophyll is a tiny molecular solar cell that traps sunlight to produce food not only for its own plant body but also for the guest animals which depend on it. Obligations won't stop here, but increase further to raise a green canvas spacious enough to be splashed with ever changing  interesting patterns according to the days and seasons. Same thing is with respect to animals and their body complexion. No any fixed monotonous pattern to disgust its frequent visitors like insects,birds and other animals. That's how the nature is creative and interesting!

By the way the microscopic paintboxes that produce pigments of different colours are called chromoplasts. Each paintbox is filled with a colourful pigment or a mixture of different pigments. But in the case of flowers microscopic paint sachets containing anthocyanins are available which are called vacuoles. Even a mega paint company fail to present a catalogue with such a huge range of hues and shades. And no one architect or a painter dare to create the  aura of colours and their mixtures as so we visualize in the natural world. The colourful pigments are always there beside the green pigments either to protect green pigments or to radiate an additional quanta of light particles to enhance their food manufacturing capacity. In addition to providing a beautiful look to the landscape they lure a number of pollinators to come, pollinate, fertilize and produce seeds and fruits.

Red, orange and yellow colours of carotenoids; blue, purple or burgundy colours of anthocyanins; and red and yellow shades of betalins are always available without a no stock board! While carotenoids paint carrots, papayas and yellow flowers;  betalins colour beetroots; apocarotenoids  paintoranges; and anthocyanins paint red, pink, purple, violet and blue flowers and apples.

But the pigments synthesised in plants are not pollutants in contrast to those manufactured in paint factories.  Plant pigments are multipurpose in the sense that they are not only aesthetic with everchanging patterns but also synthetic in producing oxygen, food, medicines, fruits and vegetables unlike that of artificial paints which give fixed monotonous aesthetic sense along with suffocating gases and carcinogenic effluents. 

If it's so then where's the need for importing barrels of petroleum, petrochemicals and paints. Is it must to choke the breathing systems of workers in factories and on high walls of buildingsto create the fake and fading complicated designs? Can't we habituate  ourselves to live in smaller houses surrounded by bigger colourful gardens all around? Why shouldn't we enjoy the colours in the perpetual ever-changing garden rather on the ever fading saddened walls? A twist is urgently needed to be given to the never quenching economic greed an ever charming philanthropic lead!