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Monday, 25 September 2017

These Terrorists Are Organ Hunters

There are two necessary evils which behave hypicritically as friends but act f erociously like terrorists. We can't imagine ourselves as leaders of this modern world without these two masked entities. What are these two terrorists? One is badly smelling petroleum and the other terribly shocking electricity. 

Petroleum creates not only a variety of products for world business but also ammunition, explosives, plastics and an innumerable number of other poisonous pollutants to kill their own producers. But poisonous pollutants too have certain economic values in their recyclic phase! They sneakingly enter our environment, air, water and food chain and silently attack different human organs, damage them and help health and insurance industries to grow fast and earn huge sums of profits. Diesel and petrol, the two fractions of the crude oil,  don't let people to walk, jog, run, climb or use animals in journeys, but keep them always in resting postures. These twin products are not only fuels but also souls of automobile industry.

Electricity is no less than petroleum. It speeds up destruction of forests, wildlife extinction, purification and refining of minerals, metals and other chemicals. It pumps out ground water very fast to deplete the scarce invaluable resource a lot.  It creates and energizes electrical machines and electronic gadgets. It ever keeps people comfortable through fans, air coolers and air conditioners. It makes possible people swallow in either too cold or too hot things from fridges and microovens.  It attracts eyes by causing light pollution and appeals or consoles ears through noise pollution.

We are proud of our science and technology innovations.  Companies invest for technological innovations and in turn get power and strength to encroach into human living conditions . "Be cautious!  Don't let people approach nature, accept natural principles, follow natural methods and consume natural products. Or else the companies become bankrupt". That's the technique of modern business. Even air, water, food and sex shouldn't be natural. Turn everything  artificial. Brand, tag and  market everything. That's what economic development.  Besides these there should be a supplement of junk food for these special category of people to enhance the effect of the business world!

Don't  let people move their body joints. Even if they want that's through gym or some costly exercising equipment only.  Let people either sit or sleep on  cushiony substrata always. And further certify it as dignity, prestige,  respect or as an indicator of achievement or success. This  never appear as self-punishment but as a luxurious,  sweet and pleasant way of intoxicating one's own life.

Unfortunately our body structure isn't made in such a way to bear and persist out of this pseudo-development torture. Our hands  aren't meant for holding mobile phones throughout the day. Our legs aren't meant for being dangled down the chairs or lying down on beds throughout the day. Our eyes aren't meant for staring at glowing screens through out the day. Our ears aren't meant for listening noises from fans, machines, vehicles or music from electronic gadgets throughout the day. But we  fool ourselves by considering these bad habits as advancements.

No doubt most of our body organs are getting modern avatars. The eyes are turning red, gritty, dizzy with a lot of uneasiness or itching. Ears are becoming less audible. Nose is getting  senseless and  unable to prevent entry of germs. Skin is becoming wrinkled and aged, but looks beautiful and attractive over a slim layer of chemical cosmetics. All our internal body organs are notified under different insurance schemes at different  superspecialty hospitals. Fortunately lungs, hearts, stomachs, intestines, livers, pancreas and kidneys are being brought under AMCs. No need to panic. A full fledged consultancy and pharmaceutical business is going on. Governments too are happy to find and make publicity of a spurt in the growth of health industry.

On the other hand some tribal people are still living in natural habitats full of soil, grass, trees, rivers and mountains. They aren't classified as patients for any insurance scheme viz.,  asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis, premature ageing, skin cancer, gastric ulcers, gall stones, constipation,  obesity, diabetes, hypertension,  kidney failures et cetera. These are the people least affected by climate change,  global warming or calamities. They can survive due to their expertise in physical activities, strength of natural immunity and genetic diversity. But a lot of efforts are being made to bring these unsophisticated people into the mainstream of world corporate consumer circuit. Save God! Should we expect some more organ damages in the days to come?

Wise people use the least. Humanistic governments discourage the most. The two necessary evils - petroleum and electricity. Beware, these terrorists are the organ hunters!

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