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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Green Revolution Collides with Green Evolution

The only planet with the rarest kind of unique matter called life is the earth. Here the base for trillions of evolving and fluorishing organisms is green evolution. The green evolution started with the tiniest blue-green algae and reached up to the mightiest Sequias. But a few  brains disrupted the green evolutionary process through industrial and green revolutionary concepts. The former kind of revolution destroyed a major part of the green biodiversity in wilderness.  The latter kind modified some more green biodiversity in cultivation.  The green trafficking has been happening without being recognized and noticed by a major part of the human world!

The green evolution happens so generously and judiciously that every bit of biosphere flourishes with fertile soils, timely hydrological cycles, luxuriant vegetation and very active and sportive animals.  This prospers not only the overall nature but also the farmer and all his friends and partners in farming. Invisible microscopic flora and fauna and visible macroscopic  earthworms, bees, butterflies,  birds and animals are kept busy and alive.  It also keeps environment clean and consumers hale and healthy.

No dought that there were farming failures in the post-industrial era. Those droughts and famines misguided human thought to take a sudden turn from the ever successful path of green evolution. A fast paced detour was taken, that's called green revolution. There has been misunderstanding of a fact that those calamities were none but the byproducts of destruction of  major ecosystems, for industries and infrastructure only. This new kind of development has engaged the farmer in farming  so vigorously that his agriculture has prospered more than himself. Not only agriculture but also a number of agriculture related companies like seed, fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation, plastic, machine, tractor and food processing industries have prospered a lot. But the farmer has been left with dreadful diseases and demeaning debts and the consumer has been with contaminated, processed, junk food and degenerative diseases.

Neither governments nor their associated companies are in a position to continue farming on natural  ecological models. The only choice left is either to conserve nature and get fresh food or forget human race forever. Let's wait and see how long this scam continues!

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