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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Unemployment Technology

Our genius economists,  planners and policy makers have been repeatedly warning us against the rapidly growing population and consequent unemployment problem. For this kind information we should be very much thankful to them!  But not even a least heed is given to this warning. So it has resulted into three categories like physical,  physiological and mental unemployment.

The physical unemployment problem is due to more labour supply and less demand for workforce in market. A lot of educational institutions are coming up and growing up certificates well in advance to produce a lot of  manpower on paper. On the other side a lot of technocrats are inventing and innovating efficient technologies to reduce need for physical manpower and to increase productivity through machines, computers and artificial intelligence. In addition to this, students don't get sufficient time and space to learn, at least, their occupations at home, because of hectic academic schedules. The net result is qute different from our superstitious expectations. 

The educational institutions are helping the industry through their double edged strategy - one in reducing demand for manpower and two in increasing educated consumers for their products. At the end the educated class will be without sufficient earnings to eke out their living and so may be forced to do under-employment jobs or harmful or illegal activities without a proper home or family. Even uneducated farm workers are losing labour and wages due to a number of superb chemicals and machines invented and introduced into agriculture. Online business further reduces chances of employment in retail sector (Total employment in MNCs is less than overall  employment in the conventional system)
In physiological unemployment a person is physically employed but physiologically unemployed. This is due to employment of machines, vehicles and computers in factories, offices, companies and even in houses. There is a maximum rest to arms and legs. This leads to less exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between lungs, blood and tissues in different parts of the body.  This in turn creates further erratic employment to internal organs. The result might be degenerative diseases. But there is a lot of opportunity to earn huge profits by medical, health and insurance companies.

In mental unemployment the person is physically employed but without much work to his mind due to computers and artificial intelligence.  A lot of stress on eyes, nerves and muscles may occur. Sedentary life styles compounded with junkfood creates a lot of psychological and social problems. Early retirement from physical jobs may also result.

The solution to all these problems is less dependence on chemiclas and machines. Students should be properly educated and trained to depend directly on sunlight, soil, plants and vegetables for different needs. Instead of concrete jungles a trend towards farm houses should be motivated. It creates both pristine environment and ample employment opportunities,  though not in companies and government offices. More organic products and physical activities will create  a healthy and peaceful population. But the big bosses are thinking to solve all these kinds of unemployment problems by introducing robots!

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