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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Builders of Super Shelters: Poor Brains or Super Brains?

Long long ago when the world  wasn't so developed  it was being said that food, clothing and shelter were the basic needs. As the "great" people began heating up the atmosphere and pouring down pollutants all around to show the mettle of their development the meaning of the basic needs too started changing.  Now the basic needs are sensed to be unpolluted air, potable water and unadulterated food, by the poor and the rich alike. So a new opportunity has emerged out as a bolt from blue  to quench our thirsty pockets! Start ups to sell moderators of air, temperature, humidity, water, food, etc are around the corner. That's where the talent lies!

But the creatures with poor-brains have no such a talent to manipulate living factors and modulate  the supply-demand curves, as they neither invent nor know the value of money. The modern man needs not to worry any more about surrounding temperature,  relative humidity and air ventilation. It's pity that the other poor creatures still try to get these factors of comfortability from nature.  We the human beings with super-brains are proud of inventing super needs like energy-driven fans, coolers, air conditioners and the sunlight-imitating artificial lighting devices for the concrete, metallic or synthetic enclosures. Unlike that of poor-brains we needn't have to depend on brainless trees, weightless clouds and shapeless soil. In place of trees we have RCC slabs, instead of clouds we have multi-billion dams, and instead of soil we have extensive terrestrial or extraterrestrial lands to run real estate business.  Why shouldn't we be proud of our achievements?  Or bank balances? Aren't  we different from these poor-brains?  Yes, we are! We should hate and keep off these poor-brains from our highly civilized societies. Do you know why? Because they don't know the meaning of civilization or development, at least!

Have you watched the poor creatures like baya weaver birds, honeybees and termites struggling to create the shelters of comfort? That too without destruction. Yes, but they're indeed the enemies of our economies.They don't want to become a part of our developmental efforts. Instead they demonstrate comfort making without spending a spark of energy or a coin of money. Should we let them to live in our vicinity?  Definitely may not ....... dirty creatures. No appliances. No devices. No machines.  No inventions. No innovations. Because they don't know how to do business! Certainly the poor-brains  are anti-developmental elements. Our scientists are yet to know the psychology of these poor-brains.  In-depth exploration may be going on in this field of studies. One thing we can't understand, "Why don't they build super shelters?", "Why don't they try to develop? " , "Why don't they deforest lands?", "Why don't they do mining?" and "Why don't they pollute their colonies?". But, why should they make homes when they can't do business with their fellow-beings? We shouldn't be amazed to find that some scientists might be trying to genetically modify the poor-brains to suit to the nice looking suicidal behaviour  of the modern man!

The pendulant spongy homes of bay weaver bird, raised sand castles of termites and waxy hexagons of honeybees are a blot on our stupendous multi-billion economy.  Is it great to build homes of natural comfort without destroying forests and punishing uncivilized animals? Is it great to live without electricity by not facilitating earthquakes or landslides while harnessing  energy?  Is it great to live in pristine environs without pollution, degenerative diseases and multi-speciality hospitals? Is it great to live in darkness without light pollution and corrected eye visions?

Absolutely a remark on our civilization! Now we can say who can make super-shelters. Poor-brains or Super-brains? Now we can say who can care for future generations. Poor-brains or Super-brains? Could we tolerate if anyone tries to build homes of natural comfort without the need of electrical  energy or money?