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Thursday, 7 April 2016

What Does Unrest at Educational Institutions Indicate?

The importance of education and it's role in moulding the lives of students is well known. A lot of emphasis  has been universally given to educate children. Whether that intention of education is still continuing or something else has taken its place is a question.  The kind of unrest prevalent in educational institutions these days is a witness.

Educational process seems to have been derailed from the right path of its true destiny. Has  the aim of education been diverted from human values to material values or anything else? If education is totally in the hands of eligible,  qualified and professional people then why human values and professionalism are lacking among the students?

When the management,  teaching and non-teaching staff are divided on the basis of caste and creed or economic and social status then how could we expect humanistic values among their products?
Now the main focus is shifted from purpose to profits. Education is no longer showing  its holistic approach towards moulding the overall life of a child, instead towards amassing wealth through the business of textbooks, stationery, uniforms, etc. This business further needs politics to dominate the field. The mind of the people of the education field is now obsessed with funds, business and profits rather than with the actual purpose of improvement of education, skills, child and human values.

The knowledge is now restricted to books. But the minds of students are empty or filled with other means of entertainment. No true essence of knowledge is there. When the school management and  teachers need money, parents and children need marks and grades. A very few concern about reading skills,  writing skills, oral skills and other life skills among students.  The target is merely marks and grades in exams.
Unless the aim of education is stressed upon and mentality of management,  teachers, parents and children is changed we can't  expect peace and tranquillity. It's  very shameful that illiterate people are aghast to see the barbaric deeds of educated ones at educational institutions. Once education was a means to transform the barbaric people into civilized ones. But now it seems that the wrong format and motto of education has transfored  the civilised people into barbaric ones. Atleast now the authorities should open their eyes to enrich the minds of students with knowledge, moral values and universal brotherhood, rather than with selfish mottos. Otherwise education will remain  a fashion rather than a purpose.

Good teachers, lecturers, professors and students never bow down to money power, muscle power, political gimmicks and communal forces;  instead they dedicate themselves to the purpose of their staying at holistic places of education.