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Thursday, 7 April 2016

What about educational & professional justice? Should we adjust merely with temporary economic & social justice?

It's very glad to know that Mrs Smriti Irani,  HRD Minister has announced to give free education to SC/ST communities in IITs.  Since the adaptation of our constitution different Indian governments have been announcing and providing opportunities for underprivileged sections to change their lives with the intention of economic and social justice. And undoubtedly the electoral justice! That's to transform the waivers into votes, has been successfully achieved. What has happened to the intention of achieving educational and professional justice? This question is hardly found in the great discussions and speeches of our great leaders.

Despite spending billions of rupees in the form of reservations, free education,  buildings for educational institutions,  free food, free clothing,  scholarships, etc where are the expected educational standards, language skills, communication skills,  managerial skills, professional skills,  etc among these students.
Are we really doing justice to the children or students of underprivileged sections?  Or merely placating them to recognize and vote for us? How many of these students can come out successfully from interviews from private company jobs or MNCs? How much money, time, energy and efforts are being spent and how much productivity we are gaining?

Even the leaders who represent these communities seem to bother least about the educational and professional standards. Instead they push for reservations.  Atleast now our national and community leaders should contemplate on this kind of injustice done towards the children of underprivileged sections.
I think that if we had spent money, time, energy and efforts judiciously we might not have got this kind of products with inferior educational and professional standards (though some great personalities are emerging out due to other reasons). This kind of neglected education is mostly responsible for a lot of depression and disappointment among the youth of underprivileged communities.  What's the quality of education in BC/SC/ST schools vs other schools? Why the products out of these schools are not on par with private or international schools?  Though fundings and claiming are very high! Despite degrees most of the students are not competent enough.  What could be the mind of students when they could not meet the demands from the employers? What about their mental status?

A lot of herartful work from teachers and lecturers is required at both grassroots level and also at the higher levels to do a genuine justice. Or else bodies remain without soul and purpose.