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Saturday, 21 May 2016

But She's Still Smarter Than Her Daughter!

As the first birds were heard  a peasant woman used to wake up early to imbibe the silvery glow of moonlight for her sharp eyesight and cool fresh breeze for her strong health. She daily used to heat water on the bright flames in the cool dusky hours for her own bathing and also for her husband and for her only female child. Before golden beams of morning sun shone dews on grass, she used to sprinkle water and sweep all across the mud floor in front of her thatched hut. She was a strategic volunteer to serve the entire household, birds and farm animals through her daily noble chores. 

Neither the members of her family nor the farm animals never had any complaint against her menial services. A few acres of green paddy fields and vegetable plots hardly infested with weeds and perched for want of water in her regular attendance. An ideal woman of my native hamlet. She's now famous for educating and facilitating her only female child to raise to a dignified position. But the talk is that she is still smarter at her fifties than her daughter at thirties. The peasant woman still looks more agile and younger than the highly educated and posh software techie. It's really amazing!

The eye-catching makeup with branded cosmetics no longer keep her daughter's  face soft and smooth but with early wrinkles of ageing along with dizziness, headache and ever falling thin hair. On the other hand the peasant mother's skin is so fair and shiny and hair so dark and thick that one can guess a lot of facial creams, branded soaps and shampoos might have done the job. No that's wrong. Shikakai (traditional fruit for hair), soapnuts and turmeric have been her lifelong cosmetics. No money and no side effects! Very simple, natural, but beautiful!

The posh looking young lady's very happy and content to shed every rustic feature from her life. She often feels proud of that much development from a poor rustic background. She doesn't need poor-men's food anymore. Plenty of money is there to spend on MNC eatables like burgers, pizzas, cakes, candy bars, cookies,  pastries, ice-creams, fast food, processed meat, colas and sodas. She has profitably put on her weight to get higher number on the scale. The chubby lady has definitely misshapen her physique to be called a landwhale. She's a little bit discouraged and frustrated along with a number of modern medical complaints. But she's a lot of money to consult superspeciality doctors too. On the other hand the rustic mother has a firm body structure unlike that of her daughter's bad loose skin. Some may guess that firmness of her body might be due to super foods provided by her daughter. No, can't be adapted by her. It's unbelievable and shocking that she's still on green leafy vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, plenty of milk, jaggery, millets, pulses, ragi balls and jowar flat breads.

The modern techie may be on weight loosing job also! Contrarily to that her mother hasn't find any need to do all those regular exercises, special jogging, gym or yoga sessions. Walking across fields to fetch water, running behind  tendered animals, cutting grass, watering fields,  grinding or pounding grains have been said to be the secret of her fitness, as she hasn't yer been the proud possessor of modern electronic gadgets. A day long energy spending activities are always there. Very hard to believe! No obesity, dizziness, lethargy and immobility complaints. No breathing, bowl, cardio-vascular, liver, pancreatic, kidney or neurological disorders. No complaints of arthritis as she still uses to walk and run on earth unlike that of her daughter on glossy marble flooring of international standards. No sleeping disorders too as she's addicted to sleep in the cool breeze blown across by waving tree branches on the hillside. No need of infective air conditioners unlike that of her daughter. No money or no extra time needed to spend for that ever-energetic and ever-healthy fitness.

But one thing is that the modern techie is sacrificing her health, money and time for the development of the nation along with contribution to the growth of MNCs, big malls and super markets. She has not only developed herself but also a part of the modern development. The problem is that the peasant woman has neither developed so far nor a part of the moden development. And she yet doesn't possess any electronic or plastic money, modern electronic gadgets, branded dresses, posh bungalows, vehicles and gym or yoga facilities. Whatever it might be the talk is that she's still smarter than her daughter!