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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Green Energy at the Mercy of Red Energy

Just like any life with flesh, nerves and veins, modern economy is also so with minerals, electricity and fuels.  But the ancient form of muscle power, ATP energy and oxygenated blood can't be converted into money as effectively and quickly as that of the modern minerals, electricity and petroleum. Bioenergy, natural energy or internal energy is the actual green energy which is safe for the living world.   Natural energy may be good for nature but not for doing a very big business, earning huge profits or winning supremacy on the fast track of the economic field. People get fascinated if they find some non-living object moving rather a living object. So business can be done through artificial energy by showing movements and responses in artificial things.

The underdeveloped world is a poor one because it's run mostly by internal energy possessed by animals, human beings and vegetation which isn't strong and fast enough to multiply business. On the other hand the external energy creates a numer of business opportunities in the form of vehicles, plastics, paints, synthetics, cement, buildings, electrical appliances, electronic gadgets and heavy machines to increase the income of a person, a company or a nation. The secret force behind the developed world is the technology that efficiently harness energy from coal, natural gas, petroleum, radioactive substances, water dams, solar panels, wind mills, etc. and put to rule over the business. So without external energy no one can achieve supriority over the others. If you want business animate the inanimate things! That's how artificial energy is preferable to the natural energy in this ever bloating economic world.

The first question is how fast the artificial energy makes money at the cost of the wilderness?  Unlike that of manpower the electrical energy energises machines to become strong and fast enough to mine and extract a very huge quantity of minerals and metals from a very large area in a very short period of time. Besides that it's used to cut an innumerable number of trees to extract a very huge quantity of timber. A lot of wilderness is required to be cleared for energy projects too. But the pace and level of deforestation, spreading of pollution, displacement of animals, their indirect deaths and extinctions are the different questions to keep the green activists ever busy.

The second question is how fast the artificial energy makes money at the cost of the domestic animals? Unlike that of animal power the petroleum can make automobiles grow in numbers and technically fast enough to plough hectares of land; to replace cowdung with chemical fertilizers; to carry billions of tons of farm produce and processed food and industrial products; and to transport millions of people far and wide to every nook and corner of the world in a very short period of time. The two mighty powers, electricity and petroleum, can make possible selective rearing of a few animal breeds and mass production of diary and meat products in factory farms. But the silent killing of the thousands of breeds of mute domestic animals,   the alarming levels of air, water and noise pollution; and rapid spreading of unknown diseases to the succeptible world are the different questions to keep the philanthropic organizations and health departments ever busy.

The third question is how fast the artificial energy makes money at the cost of the human race? As long as electricity and carbon fuels are there no one can slow down the speed of multiplication of vehicles. Like wise as long as electricity is there no one can weaken the supply chain of electrical appliances and electronic gadgets. When electricity don't  allow our hands to work, petroleum fuels don't allow our legs to walk! When hands and legs go into rest the other external and internal organs of the body will also follow the suit. So there will be a lot of savings in internal energy to keep  human bodies bloating. That's how the growth in the weight of human bodies is taken place along with degenerative and infectious diseases. By habituating the total human body to take rest the power of electricity and fuels grow further powerful to suppress the total power of human race.

The first allied forces which have conquered over the entire animal, human and plant kingdoms are nothing but electricity and carbon fuels. These are the forces which have made human beings forget the skill of converting hidden potential energy into safe kinetic energy and instead make them dependent on apparatus, appliances, equipment, gadgets, machines and vehicles. That's where the market forces come to reap the benefits from money-crops with bumper profitable yields.

These are the forces which make both mass production of goods and production of weapons of mass destruction possible. Only the concept of "mass production" can keep "production by masses" at check. Electricity and carbon fuels help educate families so fast that they forget for ever the conventional methods, kill traditional skills, and make incapable to produce safe products at home anymore. They  keep off green energy generators like animals, human beings and vegetation at a bay. Now they can easily  break productive families into employees to work in factories, earn money and become consumers with strong purchasing power in markets. What a great red army of electricity and fuels the superior species of the animal kingdom has created to defeat its own kingdom of life! Now the green energy is surviving at the mercy of the red energy. 

Even the beautiful phosphorescent light emitting and other nocturnal creatures are blinded by the lights electrified by red energy sources. But one thing is clear that to keep living world ever flourish the economy should walk in consonance to the impulse of green energy streaming all over the biosphere. The economy shouldn't run with the speed of the red energy invented and misused by the ignorant mankind. Or else the another mass extinctions will be imminent.