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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Where to Start Environmental Campaigns?

A great untiring activity is going on all around the world. Millions of teachers, lecturers and professors in schools, colleges and universities are engaged in preparing pupils and students for development. Day and night thousands of scientists in laboratories are doing research for development. Thousands of economists and planners are involved in plotting graphs of economic growth to show a right direction for development. Billions of dollars are being taxed  and spent for development only.

A great human force is being employed,  hundreds of activities are being carried out, thousands of acres of forest land is being cleared,  millions of tons of minerals and metals are being extracted and refined for speedy development. A fantastic growth is being seen in a number of rigs and barrels of crude oil; the length of roads and railways; number and height of buildings; variety of vehicles; and machines, computers and robots. It can be shown to the public especially the shareholders to invest in and support for further growth and development.

Meanwhile human lives are also being seemingly improved. Majority of people are going hand in glove with the elite class to enjoy the fruits of development.  Every household is getting modern facilities. No need to put arms and legs to toil anymore. No need to draw and pour water into pots from wells. No need to cut and cook vegetables.  No need to squeeze and suck fruit juices. This is all due to the collective efforts of a number of scientists, inventors, innovators, industrialists, economists, politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, employees and other workforce.

Inspite  of such a rapid pace in growth and development a long list of complaints are yet creeping in. Some say that forests are being degraded and so do campaigns to plant trees. Some say that wildlife is being endangered and so do campaigns to save animals.  Some say that water resources are under threat and so do campaigns to clean rivers. Some say that pollution is at alarming levels and so do campaigns to filter smoke and treat effluents. Some say that plastics are killing animals and so do campaigns to recycle the scrap. Some say that climate is changing and so do campaigns to reduce carbon emissions. Some say that human race itself is under peril due to physical inactivity and consequent degenerative diseases and so do campaigns to propagate the culture of exercises and yoga.

But campaigns have been remained as individual entities. As isolated forces in forests, on the coastal beaches, on river banks or in front of the pollution causing factories, campaigns aren't serving the purpose better. So all campaigns should be started together as a united combined force from homes. Consumers of the fruits of development should be convinced. Majority of consumers are the followers of the elite class especially famous celebrities. All educated and professional consumers are also following the suit. Changes in the habits of the celebrities and elite will certainly change the attitudes of the common masses. 

Most of the resources are being over-exploited, wasted and misused for luxurious homes, world class  furnishings, non-stop entertainment and enjoyment. If the rich class is convinced regarding the gravity of the problem a lot of destruction can be easily stopped. If wise people are convinced better they all may plan for small houses amidst bigger gardens rather than bigger houses in smaller namesake gardens.  As small sized buildings need less consumption of minerals, cement, steel, timber, plastics, synthetics, paints, electricity and water a lot of pressure on the planet can be reduced. Besides this a lot of trees come up around in place of concrete covered non-porous spaces.

So the mindset of the people should be changed if we want to change the world. If the elite and intellectual class do something the remaining class will think it as a good choice to follow and replicate. So it would be always better to start environmental campaigns at the point of consumption rather than at the point exploitation to get speedy and effective results. Simplest person is safest to both nature and humanity!